Tadasana {Palm Tree Pose}-Steps And Benefits


English Name: – Tadasana (Mountain pose or palm tree pose)

Sanskrit Name: – ताडासन/ समस्थितिः (Tadasana or Samasthitih)

Asana Type: – Standing asana, Suspine position.

Preparatory poses:Uttanasana standing (forward bend).

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing).

The word “Tada” is come from the Sanskrit word, which meaning is “Palm tree” or another meaning is “mountain”, and meaning of asana is “posture” or “seat”. So this asana is called Tadasana. Depending on the lineage practiced, Tadasana and Samasthitih may refer to the same asana or another similar asana. So the meaning of Sama is straight, level, upright or balanced and sthiti means stand or stay. Tadasana is the beginning and ending Asana of Surya Namaskar according to Ashtanga yog.

You can do this asana in two different positions:-

  1. In standing position.
  2. In Suspine position.

You can try one of them or both as your comfort ability level.

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 Steps of Tadasana (In standing position): –

  • Stand straight on the ground, and take a small gap between your feet.
  • With deeply breathe (inhale), raise your both arms.
  • Keep your arms upward by interlocking your fingers.
  • Now come on the toes by raising your heels simultaneously

tadasana steps

  • Feel the pressure of stretching from toes to fingers.
  • Try to maintain this pose as long as you can with slow and deep breathing.
  • Now come to the original position with deep breathing (exhale).
  • You can perform the number of rounds as per your convenience after having relaxation for a while.

NOTE: – Do asana as much as you can, do not go beyond your limitation or do not test your capability while doing Yog asana.

Steps of Tadasana: – (In Suspine Position or lie down position)

  • Lie down on the floor to your back in Suspine position.
  • Keep your hands by the side of your body and palms should be facing downwards.
  • Try to keep your Legs, waist and neck all in straight line.
  • Inhale, and raise your both arms slowly upwards and place the arms behind your head.
  • Your both arms should parallel to each other, and palms facing upwards.
  • Retain your breath.
  • Now stretch your hands and feet in the opposite directions as far as possible.
  • Try to keep your legs and arms straight (not bend).
  • While exhaling, slowly bring down your hands to the starting position.

Repeat this for four times, and try to increase the duration you can stay in this asana.

Benefits of Tadasana:-

  • Due to deep breathing it provides strength and expansion to the lungs.
  • This is the best exercise to increase the height.
  • Develops and activates the nerves of the entire body.
  • It gives strength to vertebral column and heart.
  • Also Good for regulating the menstrual cycle in women.
  • Cures the problems related to the indigestion.
  • Give strength to arms and legs.
  • Helps to remove lethargy from body.
  • It reduces the problem of flat feet.

Cautions: –

  • Person who is suffering from headaches, low blood pressure and insomnia are advised to do this asana after consulting the yoga instructor.
  • During pregnancy skip this asana.

Beginner’s tip: – If you feel difficulty to maintain the pose on toes by raising the heels, than perform this exercise without coming into toes. And day by day try to maintain this pose on toes by raising your heels.

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