Smart Clothing

Sarvyoga is introducing Smart clothing for yoga practitioners, as you might have been taking classes online but these classes are not as efficient as what we teach in our studios. For other people there could be other reason not to join studio or hire a personal yoga instructor such as timing flexibility or cost or distance.

Yoga in its physical aspect is different posture which include different angle of different part of body. You have to put these posture right to go deep into yoga. These smart clothes will help you to achieve this. With this these clothes will also help you with mindful walking ,sitting or any other physical activity.

We are developing smart clothes that can track your posture and provide you real-time feedback with the help of different vibration. These classes you can take from your favorite teacher or you can select a teacher of your choice. An application in your smartphone will keep track of your progress with the help of smart clothes and advance Artificial intelligence, you can share this progress with the community or social media. With same data app will increase or decrease difficulty level your yoga routine

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