Awareness of Blue Whale Challenge :The Suicide Game

This article is different from our other articles, now a day there is a serious problem happened in the world of internet. We are talking about lethal life talking game “Blue Whale Challenge” which destroys many teenagers life in the whole world. This is the life taking sick game. Friends, you have already heard about Read more about Awareness of Blue Whale Challenge :The Suicide Game[…]

Neti Kriya in {Yoga}

In Hatha yoga Neti Kriya is one of the six particular practices which were specifically designed to bring and maintain balance between vata, pitta and kapha (tridoshas). They are called shatkarma. Shat is six, karma is action. These techniques regulate the production of the doshas. Hatha yoga is famous for these six cleansing techniques. Although Read more about Neti Kriya in {Yoga}[…]