Fresh Ways On How To Overcome Anxiety By Yoga

It’s a well-established belief that yoga helps you get relief from mind’s worries and body’s illnesses. But how to overcome anxiety through yoga? This question can befuddle even experts. So, we’ll give you an easy-to-follow guide that is suitable for beginner to experienced yoga practitioner.

In its essence, yoga cures anxiety by soothing your body and preparing your body to handle panic attacks. The yoga science makes your body’s vitals such as blood pressure, mental alertness, breathing rate etc work at optimal levels. This physically readies you for facing anxious situations much more effectively. You build a shield against anxiety over the time.How-To-Overcome-Anxiety-By-Yoga-a-Fresh-Ways

Fresh ways on how to overcome anxiety by yoga

Learn to Confront Anxious Situations

Yoga has a number of unique postures and asanas that challenge your body. One of them could be a handstand. It is nerving to do a handstand initially. But as you learn to do it, you fight back a rather anxiety-inducing situation. By practicing yoga on daily basis, you can try several such postures and learn to confront anxiety.

In the hindsight, you’re teaching your brain to handle anxiety which helps you in real life as well. You gain confidence with each step and it reflects in your personality.

Emphasize on your Thoughts

One fine answer to how to overcome anxiety by yoga is emphasizing on your thoughts. We feel anxious when we have a series of worrying thoughts scathing our mind. Instead of avoiding these thoughts completely, you can learn to observe them.

The calm yoga practice provides a great environment to observe your thoughts. Be conscious of the lines of thoughts that enter your head while you’re doing yoga and try to remember them. This way you’ll know that what thoughts cause anxiety in you and you can choose to discourage them in the future.

Breathing Exercises

Irregular breathing and panting are two common symptoms of anxiety. You can control them by practicing a healthier way to breathe. Breathing regulates the flow of O2 and CO2 in our bodies which have a direct effect on making us feel less or more anxious.

Yoga techniques such as  Kapal Bhati Pranayama and other breathing techniques such as Bhastrika Pranayama are believed to help a lot with controlling your breaths.

By controlling your breathing rate, you can ensure enough oxygen supply into your body, which will demote anxious situations. You can learn to take deep breathes, exhale through your nose and keep it all slow.

Experience Yoga Culture

There are a number of yoga culture clubs around the world, where you can talk about yoga and health issues. Being open and practicing vulnerability is highly benefitting against anxiety. People who are more familiar with the idea of going out and meeting new people of mutual interests faceless anxiety.

If you’re wondering how to overcome anxiety by yoga by just meeting people, it’s quite easy to do so. Practicing yoga in groups gives you a sense of comfort and safety. You can learn from others as well.

Meditation Coupled With Yoga

Meditation brings the much-needed clarity to your mind. While yoga prepares you for facing anxiety, meditation can help you cleanse your mind from anxious thoughts. Experts suggest doing meditation with yoga by slipping into meditative states in your spare time.

You will be able to leave behind anxious thoughts with this simple technique and yoga will further strengthen the belief.

How to overcome anxiety by yoga with Asanas?

Savasana-Corpse-yoga-Pose-Relaxation-PoseHere is a quick list of Asanas that you can try to get faster relief from anxiety.

Janu Shrisasana  – Bending forward with one leg stretched far from the body.

HastapadasanaStanding straight and bending your upper body to touch your knees.

ShavasanaLay down like a dead body in a relaxed position with your stomach facing upwards.

DhanurasanaLaying on your stomach while holding up your ankles to form a ring.

MarjariasanaA cat-like pose where you face the ground with your arms and knees holding you up.


You must have got a number of answers to the question  – How to overcome anxiety by yoga? Interestingly, all of these techniques are really easy to carry out and don’t need you to be an expert. If you’ve never done yoga in your life, you’re equally welcome to try them out and distress.

Anxiety continues to be a part of our life no matter how much we fight it. Yoga provides an effective safe and healthy alternative to medicinal drugs for anxiety. If you’re an anxiety patient, the chances of recovering from it with yoga are quite high.

Please note that while doing the yoga poses, be cautious of doing them right. You can watch instruction videos once before doing them so that you don’t hurt yourself in the process. In the end, the reward is yours to keep – a tension free mind and a rejuvenated body.


Yoga for Kids (Poses and Pranayama)

There are so many articles on Yoga for beginners, Asana for adults, senior citizen or for the particular issue. Then why we forget Yoga for kids. Kids are lovable, Cute as well as innocent. So, this article is dedicated to Kids, in which we mention best handpicked top Yoga for kids (Poses & Pranayama). Now, it’s time to motivate your kids and practice these asanas with them.

Kids are innocent and very cute but somewhere down the line, they get bored easily. Thus it’s hard to engage them towards Yoga Poses & Pranayama, for this, you have to encourage them. Before we uncover the Yoga for kids (Poses & Pranayama) have a look at these important points. These points help you a lot for encouraging Your kids.begineers-Yoga-for-Kids-Poses-and-Pranayama

 How to Encourage Kids for Yoga Poses & Pranayama

Suppose you know all the requisite Asana as well as breathing techniques that are suitable for your loved one. But if he/she doesn’t show their interest towards Yogic activities, then your all efforts go to the smoke. First, you have to motivate and convert their interest towards Yoga. You have to very careful coz kids are getting bored easily. So it’s your responsibility to make their yoga season interesting.

Here are some tips given below, follow these steps for motivating your kids.

  • Practice into the Open

This is the first step, which you have to take. Bring your Yoga practice to an open space like a garden or park. Don’t engage yourself in the meditation in the room. Come out and invite your kids to an open area.

In open space, you can share your yoga experience with your little one.  As per studies, little kids who see their elders or parents practicing Yogic activities are more likely to show their interest by putting up questions. So, be prepare for the question and answer them more wisely, by which they join you.

  • Give some quality time to kiddos

It is the most important part that you spend some quality time with your kiddos. If you don’t have ample time for your little ones. Then it will not do if you really want, that your little one stays healthy and mentally fit. Then you have to keep a specific quality time for your kids. Kiddos need more attention, they look you whatever you did and said. So beware of your behavior, otherwise, in future, your kids are out of control.

  • Be good a storyteller

If you are good at narration, then it will easy for you to encourage your loved one for Yoga Poses & Pranayama. With every Asana narrate an interesting but not boring story. For e.g. while practicing Lion Pose (Simhasana) or cat pose. Just tell them if you perform this Asana you look like Lion or you’ll become more powerful same as the king of the jungle. And your voice is more powerful the same as Lion. Your storytelling will make a magic and you’ll see the change in your kids. Told them that most of Asana is based on the posture of Animals.

  • Challenge And Task

First perform the any Asana then, gently ask your loved one to imitate the same Pose. Or you can say who will perform this Asana better you and me. Definitely, your kids imitate the same Asana with you and accept your challenge. For challenging them, use positive words which encourage them to perform Yoga Poses or Pranayama. If your loved one performs some Yoga Poses & Pranayama, then he/she fell like the task is completed. And this will boost their confidence.

  • Appreciation is must

Applause or appreciate your kids in each and every step. Don’t demoralize them, even if they are failed to perform asana correctly. If he/she or your little one start practicing asana with you in between the Asana steps appreciate them (like good you are doing will come on). Appreciations can create a huge positive difference so don’t ignore this.

  • Awareness

Interact with kids and tell the importance of Yoga & Pranayama and its health benefits. All kids love Super Heroes, so tell them these super Heroes got their power from Yoga & Pranayama. Say to them, If you perform these Yogic activities you’ll boost your physical and mental strength same as your favorite Super Hero. Along with uncovering the actual benefits, like how Yoga Poses & Pranayama benefits you for a long life period. Your appreciation & awareness surely encourage your kids towards Yoga Poses & Pranayama.

  • Reward makes it easy

It’s a simple and universal technique and definitely works for kids. If appreciation & other technique don’t work then believe in Reward. Yes, rewards work if your little one demanding some stuff then set up one condition if you perform this Asana or posture. You stand a chance to get that stuff (favorite candy or chocolates, toys etc). Reward & appreciation not only work for kids, but it also works for adults.

By applying these steps, we are sure that your loved one definitely gets encouraged and follow the routine of Yoga. Now come to special Yoga for kids which are given below.

Yoga for Kids (List of Asana)

  • Padmasana (Lotus Pose)

First, start with simple and easy to do Asana like Lotus Pose. Padmasana prepares your kids for other sitting pose and also helps in meditation. Because Padmasana is one of the best meditations pose. At initial stage don’t force them to perform Padmasana for a long duration.


Lotus pose prepares your kids for further Asana. Padmasana also prepares your child for meditation, which is good for your child. From Padmasana they learn how to focus, bending of knees and comfortable sitting.

For steps & benefits click: Padmasana

  • Tadasana (Palm tree Pose or Mountain Pose)

Tadasana is awesome and simple Pose for children’s. Lifting arms over the head give handsome stretch to arms. And that is a nice thing for a growing child. Tadasana prepares your kids for other arms stretching exercise.


It improves the sense of body balance by balancing their body weight on the toes with hands up. Tadasana stretches the arms and spine and that is great for body growth.

Want to know more click: Tadasana

  • One legged Prayer Pose (Eka Pada Pranamasana)

First, familiarize your children with simple Prayer pose (Namaste Pose) without standing on one leg. And this also the first pose of Surya Namaskar. When they are familiar with Prayer pose, and then ask them to perform the same pose with maintaining the balance on their one leg.


One legged Prayer Pose improves the sense of balance in kids as well as in beginners. They gained some extra confidence from Eka Pada Pranamasana. This pose will shape them for more balancing Asana.

For more details click: One Legged Prayer Pose

  • Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby Pose)

Ananda Balasana leads to be more positive, cheerful baby pose. So that’s why it named so. Your kids love this interesting and easy to perform Asana. It is known for its intrinsic capacity to quiet the brain and relax the body.


Ananda Balasana relaxes body and mind. Happy baby Pose opens up the chest as well as shoulders also. It gives gentle massages to the digestive system.

Want to know more click: Happy Baby Pose

  • Seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana)

Paschimottanasana is an awesome Asana for growing kids. By this Asana, kids learn the basic of forwarding bending. Also, it will encourage the child towards other forward bend Poses.


It stretches the spine and hamstrings, improves the digestion. Paschimottanasana calms the mind and kicks out depression.

Steps and Benefits: Seated Forward Bend Pose

  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation Pose)

This one Asana is enough for your little one, if they perform only Surya Namaskar then it will good. And they don’t need to perform other Asana if your child performs Surya Namaskar with interest. Surya Namaskar is a complete workout in itself. 12 steps of Surya Namaskar create the magic for your child and you’ll see the positive results.


Best for body growth improves concentration and stretches various body parts. But ask your child to perform the simplest version of Surya Namaskar. Don’t insist on them to perform a difficult variation of the Surya Namaskar at initial practice.

Steps and Benefits: Sun Salutation Pose

Other simple Yoga for kids (Asana)

Above mentioned Yoga Poses are the top Asana for children. But the list is not completed; there is lots of other simple Asana for kids. This is given below:

Choose the most suitable Asana from the above-mentioned list for your child according to their interest. End their Yoga season by Savasana (Corpse) Pose.

Yoga for kids (Pranayama or breathing techniques)

Here are some best Pranayama for kids, read carefully.

  • Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Alternate nostril breathing is the most suitable and easy to perform breathing technique for your kids. As it calms the mind and enhance the memory power and kicks out general diseases. Anulom Vilom will promote a good immune system for the child.

For its steps click: Anulom Vilom Pranayama

  • Udgeeth Pranayama

Chanting the word Om produce positive energy, so Udgeeth is the best way to introduce your child with Mantra. From this breathing technique, they learn how to chants the Mantra in the right way.

Along with Yoga Poses & Pranayama motivate your child to perform meditation. Meditation is also the major part of Yogic activities.

We uncover the top Yoga for kids (Poses & Pranayama) and its benefits, but it’s all up to you to encourage your kids.

Steps and benefits: Udgeeth pranayama

Tips for Parents

  • First, you have to take initiative (first you have to correct your lifestyle); means perform the yogic activities with your child. It will not do if you order them to perform Yoga Poses & Pranayama and you got busy with your work. Involved with them and if you show your interest, then definitely you don’t have to work hard in term of encouraging your child.
  • A kid learns from their parents and the environment too. So, don’t show laziness in front of your child. Be a role model for your child, by whom it follows your advice and implement them correctly.
  • As we said that earlier, please reserve some quality time only for your child. The more you spend time with your kids the more you can understand and observe their behavior. And that is good for your child and also for you.
  • This Yoga for kids (Poses & Pranayama) is easy to perform, but you also perform these Yoga Poses & Pranayama with your kids.

(Kids are raw material whatever so be careful with them)


Amazing Benefits of 1-Day Juice Fast

Have you ever think a glass of juice can detoxify your body and promotes vigor and good health. If you haven’t tried one day juice fast, now it’s time to try some new. Overload of work exhaust your body but have you ever wonder your stomach wants also some rest. Ya!  365 days we never think about our lovely stomach, by trying one day juice fast try some new thing and give some peaceful rest to your digestive system.

One day juice fast has awesome benefits like it give ample calories, along with it reduces the load of your digestive system.

Benefits-of-1-Day-Juice-Fast-yoga-healthAt least try once only for one day or 24hrs, for your health, and challenge yourself to cleanse and repair your organs. One day juice fast has many more health benefits so be with us till the end.

What’s the concept of one day juice fast?

Having on the 1-day juice fast, means you have to survive 24hrs only on juices or water. But Juices must be homemade and from fresh vegetables/fruits or combination of the both. It depends on your choice. Now, you understand the concept of One day juice fast. Generally, you have to consume only juice throughout the day and nothing else.

 The timing of starting and ending one-day juice Fast

Timing plays an important role; you should very punctual regarding your first juice fast. Start your juice fast on appropriate time or an exact time and that’s an important fact. Start your 24hr juice fast in the morning and end your fast next day morning exact 24hrs. In between your fast, keep in your mind no solid food, and liquid products like – milk, coffee, tea or any other liquid substance should not be taken during one day fast.

Scientific facts

In your digestive system, many toxins are produced due to unsystematic food habits or unhealthy food (consuming fatty foods, processed products, taking your meal at opposite time and poor digestion). Doing a juice fast at regular interval of a week or once every week can brush up and enhance your digestive system as well as gives mental calmness, more energy, and vigor to your body. Juice fast kicks out toxins and detoxify your body along with gives you the awesome feeling healthiness. Surviving 24hrs without solid food relaxes your stomach, if your stomach is relaxed and healthy, then surely you gain a healthy fit body. Remember one thing most of the disease is arises from your stomach, and many people ignore this. This leads to a serious problem in their future.

How can you mentally prepare yourself for 1-day juice fast?

Pushing yourself to one-day juice fast needs mental attention. So first step is mental to prepare yourself for your first ever juice fast. But those people who are very much familiar with juice or water fasting don’t need any special guidance. For our beginner’s friends is compulsory to have a proper knowledge of the one day juice fast. Think logically, basically an adult human can live without food for many days. That’s that point, think a one-day juice fast very easy. But those who have a medical history and interested in one day juice fast, then consult your doctor before doing this.

You can go through the web and take a look at the various testimonials from people in term of juice fasts; this will boost your confidence and it’s good for first time user. You can also read articles, books regarding the juice fast benefits. Choose a day that is good for you to start your juice fast. On the day before fast take moderate and easy to digest food. Avoid heavy or too much spicy food on the day before fast.

It’s a good thing, and its benefits my health, think like that in your mind. This will surely mentally prepare you.

Preparation of Juice

For the fresh juice preparation, you need a cold press juicer (cold press juicer or simple hand press juicer). Hand press juicer is the best option. The spinning blades of electric juicer create lots of heat and this can oxidize along with destroying important enzymes/Vitamins present in the juice. Second, choose organic fruits or vegetables for your juice. If you have your own little garden then starts gardening some vegetables and fruits also. Don’t use chemical-based pesticides on these, instead of these use natural insecticides for protecting your vegetables & fruits in the garden/Kitchen garden. Most of the fruits/vegetable that you got from a market are treated with preservatives and also with pesticides. The main thing washes properly vegetables/fruits before making juice in 2 or 2.5% of a saline solution. This solution helps you to remove pesticides that are sticking to the outer skin of the veggies/Fruits.

You can choose grape, tangerine, orange, watermelon, pineapple, guava, strawberries, pomegranate, kiwi, blueberries etc.

In veggies, you’ll go with beetroot, spinach, parsley, celery, kale, tomato, turnip, carrot etc. Or you have another choice, cocktail of veggies or mix fruit it depends on your taste. But choose your own lovable taste for one day juice fast. Consumption of coconut water in between fast will good and healthy for you.

Consuming your Juice during the Fast

It’s important that you have to consume freshly prepared juice. Consume your juice within half an hour of its preparing time. Because most of the juices get oxidized with time and lost its nutritional substances. Take 4 glass of juice at regular interval of the time throughout the day. It would be hard about one liter of juice throughout the day. And it’s not harming you if you take some more amount of juice if you want to drink. One point should be noted, consume plenty of water in the duration of fast or as per your need. You can also dilute your juice with water before taking it. It’s all up to your choice. During the fast, it’s normal that you feel hungry at that time just make a glass of fresh juice and drink it.

How can you break your 1-day juice fast?

When 24 hrs is completed, then break your fast by some orange or lime juice added with honey. Note that; don’t overload your stomach after breaking the fast. Because during the fast no intake of solid food in your stomach, it means you’re your digestive system is less active. You should take easily to digest and light meal like boiled vegetables, fruits, fruit salad or some vegetable soup. Avoid too much spicy & oily food when you break your fast. Next day or day after breaking fast you can take normal food but keep the number of grains is low. Buttermilk, milk, Yogurt can also be taken. Strictly avoid smoking or consumption of Alcohol.

Reaction in the body during one day Juice Fast

There are some specific body reactions which can be noticed easily. Body reactions like dizziness, weakness, lower down of the blood pressure, headache and nausea. If you have seen mild symptoms which were mentioned earlier then, don’t be panic and nothing to fear. These body reactions are normal so not to worry about it.

One day juice benefits

  • Most important benefits are, 24hr juice fast rejuvenates your body and improves your immunity system. Also boosts your confidence.
  • One day juice fast gives tremendous benefits to your stomach & your overall health.
  • Juice contains lots of nutrient with plenty of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes. That is good for your digestive system. One day juice fast cleanses and repairs your digestive system.
  • One day juice fast results you with vigor and more energy.
  • A juice fast can give extra energy and vigor. Along with it helps to remove toxins from your intestine.
  • Naturopathy & Ayurveda used this technique from ancient days from cleansing the body and cure your body of diseases.
  • You can take an enema on the day of breaking your one day fast. It’s kicked out toxins and cleans your intestine.
  • Doing one day juice fast once in a week it helps you to burn excess fat as well as maintains your body weight.
  • The daily adult requirement of calories is around 1600 to 2500 but in 4 glasses of juice gives you hardly 350 to 600 calories. That is a less than the daily requirement of an adult.
  • One day juice fast overcomes your compulsive eating habits.

Important Notes

  • People who meet with recent surgery avoid this. But once you recovered from this you can try one day juice fast.
  • Diabetic patients use green vegetables instead of fruit juice during the fast.
  • People having low BP avoid this, when your BP is normal you can go with one day juice fast.
  • During pregnancy, the fetus demands more calories and extra nutrients. So, pregnant women strictly avoid this.
  • If you are on medication then consult your doctor before doing this.
  • In the condition of chronic disease or injury avoid this.
  • On the day of a juice fast, consume also coconut water or normal water with Juice. Or you can add some water in your juice if you like more diluted juice.
  • Avoid extra activities on that day (lifting weights, long distance running, excessive conversation, heavy work and more travelling).
  • But you can carry on light work or activities for e.g. Computer works, meditationPranayama watching TV, garden work, reading books, shopping.

(Healthy eating pattern gives your healthy body with a more conscious brain)


9 Awesome Yoga Poses for Stronger and Toned Arms

Are you dreaming about toned and strong arms? For this you have to follow these Yoga Poses for Stronger and Toned Arms. Assume that if you have beautifully shaped arms that attract everyone towards you.  All you need to just trust on Yoga and keep some quality time in reserve only for Yoga Practice. So, why you are waiting, get up and start your Yoga Practice. Your trust and dedications results create a magic and definitely, you’ll feel the change in you.

Yoga-Poses-for-Stronger-and-Toned-ArmsYa! It’s absolutely true if you pick up the right poses and follow them regularly in a right manner. Here are some awesome Yoga Poses for toned arms that is especially hand-picked. Read on this till the end, if you really want stronger as well as shaped arms. These Yoga poses are trusted by well-certified Yoga Trainer for making your arms the same as a celebrity.

With Yoga Shape your Arms

There is no doubt that strong and well-sculpted arms are impressive. They boost your confidence and your life is stable. Many of us are not interested in joining the gym and lifting the weights. Yoga is the best alternative for building strong arms instead of taking the membership of the gym. Yogic activities are the awesome way to shape & strengthen your upper body. Yoga is the amazing gift of an ancient Indian Yogis to us; it’s our time to use their blessing in a right way. Say goodbye to your flabby arms and becomes an eye-catcher by your toned and strong arms.

The uniqueness of yoga is, it uses your whole body weight and act like a resisting force. All you need to do is utilize your body weight with these Yoga Poses in a correct way. These Awesome Yoga Poses is not only for toned arms but it gives you the beautiful abs. It means it’s a bonus for you with toned arms you’ll also get a well-shaped abdomen.

Yoga Poses for Stronger and Toned Arms

  • Side Plank Pose (Vasisthasana)

Vasisthasana Side Plank Yoga PoseSide Plank Pose is an alteration or modification of four-limbed Staff Pose (Chaturanga Dandasana). The Name of this Pose is taken from the Rishi Vasistha.   It is easy to do beginner level Asana.

Side Plank Pose benefits for arms

  • It improves your body balance along with stretches your wrists.
  • It stretches your arms and makes your arms stronger by giving them well stress.

To know more: Side Plank Pose

  • Crane Pose (Bakasana)

Crane Pose also resembles a Crow so, most of the people called this Crane Pose. It comes under an intermediate level and not easy to perform. Practice this pose in the morning and try to hold this Asana for about 30 to 60 seconds.

Crane Pose Benefits to the Arms

  • Maintaining your balance your hands is not an easy game. When you perform Bakasana directly triggers your wrists, forearms, and arms. You feel the huge pressure on your hands.
  • This pressure or stress is beneficial for your arms, forearms, shoulders, and wrists especially.

Points to Remember

Bakasana needs hard practice in the supervision of an expert one. In case of wrist injury strictly avoid this Pose.

For steps and other benefits: Crane Pose

  • Four-Limbed Staff Pose (Chaturanga Dandasana)

Four-Limbed Staff Pose is generally a low plank and uses your four limbs of the body thus it named so. Chaturanga Dandasana is very suitable for beginners who love to gain strong arms with beautiful abs. You can say that it is the pose with double benefits. Coz it works on your both (hands & abdomen).


  • Four-Limbed staff pose strengthens wrists and arms.
  • You get handsome abs because it produces core stability and prepares you for more challenging arm balances poses.

Want to know more: Four-Limbed Staff Pose

  • Peacock Pose (Mayurasana)

perfect-mayurasana-peacock-pose-yogaPeacock pose is quite difficult but daily practice makes it easy. It stands in the category of Intermediate Level of Asana. First, perform some basic arm balances Asana after that go for it.


  • You have to maintain the balance and your whole body weight on your hands.
  • By this, you’ll definitely get stronger wrists, elbows, arms.
  • Peacock pose is not only toned your hands but it works on your core muscles also.

Know the whole procedure of Mayurasana 

  • Wheel Pose (Chakrasana)

Wheel pose is an intense Asana to perform. It demands strong hands, legs with a flexible back. Perform this Asana when you are confident and comfortable with intermediate level Asana. It comes under the intermediate/Advanced Pose. Full wheel pose is very difficult to perform, so it’s an advice to perform its basic version.


  • Wheel pose benefits your whole body.
  • Makes your arms, wrists and awesome for triceps. It stretches and strengthens your legs.
  • Opens up your chest and burn your tummy fat.
  • It also tones and shaped your hips if performed in a correct way.

Want to know its steps: Wheel Pose

  • Dolphin Pose (Ardha Pincha Mayurasana)

Dolphin Pose is inversion pose and when you perform Ardha Pincha Mayurasana your body looks like reverse ‘V’. Ardha Pincha Mayurasana is best for beginners.


  • Dolphin pose stretches your shoulders along with toned your arms.
  • It keeps your bones strong as well as Dolphin Pose also opens your chest.

Steps and other benefits: Dolphin Pose

  • Scale Pose (Tulasana)

Tula means measuring Scale and it is the best arm balancing pose. Awesome arm balancing poses for beginners or also for advanced practitioners.


  • Scale pose makes your wrists, arms along with upper body stronger.
  • Your shoulder gets strengths from Scale pose. Develops the sense of balance in you.
  • Scale pose soothes your mind and relaxes your muscles. 

To know More about Tulasana

  • Eight-Angle Pose (Astavakrasana)

Eight-Angle Pose is dedicated to great Sage “Astavakra” having a curved body in eight places.  Asta means eight, and during the performance, your eight body parts are involved. Eight-Angle Pose is an intense Pose and refers to an advanced level.


It improves blood circulation in your body. Eight-Angle Pose directly strengthens your wrists, arms, and shoulder.

Want to know its procedure: Eight-Angle Pose

  • Lotus in Peacock Pose (Padma Mayurasana)

Padma-Mayurasana-Lotus-in-Peacock-Pose-yoga-steps-benefitsIt is the awesome combo of Lotus pose and Peacock pose. It means you’ll gain double benefits from Padma Mayurasana. Lotus in Peacock pose is an arm balancing pose and comes under the intermediate level.


  • As an arm balancing pose, there is no doubt that, it strengthens your wrists and arms. Padma Mayurasana also corrects your skin related Problems.

know more about Lotus in Peacock Pose


In case of knee and wrist injury, we advise not to perform this Pose. If you are comfortable with Padmasana or you can easily bend your knees, then perform otherwise leave it. There is more challenging as well as advanced level poses (Full handstand, Vrschikasana or Scorpion pose) that toned your arm muscles. But first practice above mentioned Asana which is specially designed for toning muscles. Once you are master in these Poses then go for more challenging Asana.

Some amazing facts

In the Gym, you have to lift weight for shaping your body. That needs lots of strength, different diet, Protein shakes, and supplements. Also, you have to lose your pocket by spending a huge amount of bugs. When gym season ends you are totally exhausted by your body and mind.

On the other hand, if we talking about Yogic activities. It needs your dedication, time and your trust. Yoga never demands supplements and there is no need for lifting a weight. When you end your Yoga season you feel energetic, more relaxed with a calm mind. Means it’s opposite to gym.

Here we are not criticizing gym; both are good for your health. It’s your choice and depends on your physical needs. Both Gym & Yoga demands your time, constantly practice and full attention.

Whatever you choose (in between Gym or Yoga), just honest with yourself regarding practice.


7 Alternatives To Viagra Online You Never Knew About

It’s no surprise when people recommend Viagra when treating erectile dysfunction. Viagra Sildenafil is one of the most popular drugs in today’s society due to its effect on erectile dysfunction. Yes, the medicine has become the poster drug for this condition. Produced by Pfizer under the brand name Sildenafil and available on, this diamond-shaped blue-coated pill relaxes the muscles in the blood vessels, hence increasing blood flow to the target area, which in this case is the penis. Mind you, besides its effects on erectile dysfunction, it is also used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.Viagra-Online-You-Never-Knew-About

How Viagra Works

Viagra reduces or inhibits the effects of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, which destroy an enzyme called cGMP. cGMP is an enzyme that’s majorly responsible for the duration and erection of the penis. It regulates the amount of blood that can enter or leave the penis. Therefore, Viagra prevents the destruction of this enzyme in the bloodstream, hence, increasing the duration of erection.

Alternatives To Viagra

Although, this medication has recorded outstanding success in treating erectile dysfunction. It, however, comes with some side effects which might hinder your daily activities. Furthermore, there are many counterfeits of this drug out there, and this has made it difficult to use Viagra. So, let’s consider the alternatives of Viagra Generic that most people probably don’t know about.

  1. Sildenafil

Sildenafil is a common alternative to the generic Viagra. It belongs to the group of drugs called phosphodiesterase-5inhibitors. Although it shares the same chemical composition as Viagra, this drug is way cheaper. After the expiration of the patent right of Pfizer in 2013, other companies were allowed to produce the non-generic version of Viagra. Furthermore, this drug features fewer side effects than its generic opponent.

  1. L-Arginine

This is one of the most marketed alternatives to Viagra. L-Arginine is an amino acid commonly found in fish and animal meat. It can also be produced synthetically. When ingested, this supplement converts to gaseous nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide relaxes the muscles of the blood vessels, hence, increasing the flow of blood into the concerned organ. L-Arginine increases the duration of erections and does not come with the common side effects of Viagra, such as abnormal vision and priapism (an erection of more than 4 hours). However, to get the best results from this supplement, a combination with Pycnogenol is recommended. A recent study from the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy shows an increase in the reduction of men with erectile dysfunction with this after using this combination.

  1. Cialis

Here’s another phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor. It functions by inhibiting a reduction of cGMP enzymes by phosphodiesterase-5, hence, increasing the rate of blood flow to the affected organ. Cialis uses an active ingredient called Tadalafil to achieve a longer erection in men, as compared to the effects of Viagra. The results of Cialis on the affected organ are still felt days after using the drug. This is a better alternative when compared to Viagra which lasts in the body for only a few hours. Mind you, Tadalafil comes at no small costs. Furthermore, it can be taken in lower doses daily to have an erection when needed.

  1. Green Tea

For years, green tea has been used to cure heart ailments and detoxify the body of accumulated toxins. Recently, this herbal supplements was discovered to affect the blood vessels of the penis. Green tea is obtained from non-fermented Camellia sinsesis is an enriched antioxidant substance that contains high amounts of catechin. Catechin is the active ingredient that reduces cholesterol and cardiac dysfunction in man. It also treats erectile dysfunction by decreasing the atherosclerotic progression in the penis.

  1. Avanafil

This is the latest addition to the phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor drugs. Produced under the tradename Spedra, this drug inhibits specific phosphodiesterase-5 ebayne/enzymes found in the body, especially in the corpus cavernosum of the penis. This medication has a faster absorption rate when compared to other PDE5Is. In fact, it reaches maximum concentration in about 30-45 minutes. What’s more? About 65 percent of those who used this drug achieved the erection in 15 minutes. Another interesting thing about this medicine is that it is easy to match people with the right dosage. Doctors find it difficult to prescribe the proper dosage for PDE5 Inhibitors like Viagra. This is different for Avanafil as it exerts a stronger or weaker effect based on the dose used.

  1. Aerobic Exercises

Research shows that aerobic exercises have a profound effect on erectile dysfunction. The inability to maintain a steady erection stems from various factors, such as health problems, testosterone levels, diabetes, and obesity. This medical condition can be rectified by various exercises, which helps to increase the blood flow into the affected organ.

For example, a study conducted by the University of West showed the effects of pelvic exercises in reducing erectile dysfunction in about 40 percent of the test subjects. Pelvic exercises improve the strength of the muscles in the pelvis, particularly during the bulbocavernosus muscle. This muscle allows the penis to be engorged with blood during an erection, and it enables the pumping of semen during ejaculation.

  1. Staxyn

Staxyn is an effective alternative to Viagra. This drug comes in the form of fast dissolving tablets. It has the only onset of 15 minutes when compared to Viagra’s maximum concentration of 1 hour. Furthermore, this medication comes in handy blister packs rather than the traditional prescription bottle. Hence, you can carry it around with you. Users have noted that this medication is five times faster than other PDE5 Inhibitors. It is the best alternative in cases of emergency. Mind you, the effectiveness of this drug is not reduced even after taking heavy meals. Furthermore, users have reported the ability to maintain four different erections after using this drug.

Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, Viagra Sildenafil has become the poster child for erectile dysfunction. However, the alternatives above are worth a try, as they are just as effective as Viagra.


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Effective Yoga To Beat Bad Breath {Poses And Pranayama}

We all are social animals and face to face conversation is an essential part of your daily life. It does not matter where you are.  But the most embarrassing moment is when somebody told you that your mouth is stinking. Then imagine what the condition of yours in that situation. You feel like that you committed some crime.  Don’t disappoint! Carry on to reading this article till the end. In this, you’ll find Yoga To Beat Bad Breath with poses & Pranayama.

Effective-Yoga-To-Beat-Bad-BreathBad breath is a common but most insulting problem; many of us had suffered from this issue and feel embarrassing. People ignore you, just because of your mouth bad odor. And if the classical instrument of communication smells foul, nobody likes it.

The word Halitosis (it’s a scientific term for bad breath), is originated from the Latin word Halitus and Halitosis is the English word. In every 1 in 4 people around the globe is suffering from this issue. Bad breath repulsive to other people along with its psychological affects disturbs the mental level of a person.

Before moving on to Yoga To Beat Bad Breath. Have a look at its harmful effects.

Bad Breath harmful effect in your life

Suffering from Halitosis can be irritating, mentally punishing and more embarrassing.  In below, there are some important points that clear how bad breath affects you.

  • Repel (Unattractiveness) to others

If you have an outstanding personality but your personality is gone up to smoke just because of your bad breath. People don’t want to talk to you and try to stay away from your unbearable bad breath. Many Studies shows Halitosis or bad breath is one of the topmost repel factor in a person.

  • Stress & Depression

Bad breath does not only affect your personality but it mentally disturbed you. According to research, about 55 to 58% of people feel depressed just because of their bad breath. People having bad breath are 58 to 60% suffer more stress than a people who are not facing the problem of bad breath.

  • Looking for shortcuts

Many sufferers looking for a shortcut like painful surgeries for bad breath. Around 60 to 71% of sufferers choose the way of surgeries to remove their bad breath. But somewhere down the line and truth is only 3% of surgery cases are successful.

  • Affects your interpersonal relationship

Many surveys (Workplace) proven that bad personal hygiene is the important, distressing and annoying trait in office workers (colleagues).how-to-beat-Bad-Breath

Causes of Bad Breath

Foul odor in the mouth has multiple causes. Bad oral hygiene generally adds to the unrevealed problem of bad breath. Here are some causes are given below:

  • Consumption of Tobacco

Chewing and smoking of tobacco make your gums more Smoking and chewing tobacco makes your gums more vulnerable to diseases which leads bad odor throughout the day.

  • Improper dental care

It is the most common & important reason for bad breath. So, don’t neglect your dental hygiene. Brush your teeth properly, flossing and gargling your mouth in a proper way with mouthwash (use natural based mouthwash). Add to this daily routine in every morning and also in the evening. After taking your meal brush and floss to wash your mouth properly. People having artificial teeth are the soft target of these bacteria. Improper care of mouth form plaque on your teeth. So, it’s necessary to clean your teeth and tongue properly.

  • Poor digestive system

Poor functioning of your stomach is one of the major causes of Halitosis. Indigestion results in rotting food particles in your intestine. This cause determines and permanent odor flow from your mouth. Few particles of food stuck in the gaps between your teeth. It leads to form bacteria which give you bad odor.

  • Medication

Medication is also the cause of Bad breath. Some medicines lower down the process of saliva production. This will release chemicals which is the cause of bad breath odor.

Other Health issues With Bad Breath

Your other health-related problems also a cause of your bad breath. Diseases of the throat, respiratory system, kidneys, sinus and other body organs directly affect your breath. Conditions like acidity, metabolic disorders, and lactose intolerance are also the cause of Halitosis.

What are the symptoms of severe bad breath?

If someone meets any of the following symptoms, then he/she may be suffering from severe bad breath. Here are the symptoms are given below:

  • Having bad breath throughout the day

Having bad breath all through a day is the most common factor or indicator of severe bad breath. When someone breathes is unbearable to others all through a day (even after mouth cleaning) then it indicates a person to find a proper solution for this issue.

  • Bad odor from the mouth

If you want to check your bad breath, the best way is to ask your friend or family members to smell your breath. There is another way, scrap the back end of your tongue with a plastic spoon and leaving the remainder for dry. If the dried spoon smells bed. It means you are suffering from bad breath

Yoga To Beat Bad Breath

Yogic activities do not only remove the symptoms it also cures the health issues that cause bad breath. Here are some handpicked Yoga poses & Pranayama which help you fight against the bad breath; by detoxifying and cleansing your whole body.

Yoga Poses To Beat Bad Breath

  • Simhasana (Lion Pose)

In Simhasana or Lion pose you have to make a roaring sound like the lion. This Pose triggers your alimentary canal and helps in to cure infections of the respiratory tract. Roaring sounds directly triggers your throat and throat related issues are run away. Throat related diseases are also the main cause of bad breath. So, create roaring sound and kick out your foul breath.

For steps and benefits click: Simhasana

  • Ardha Halasana (Half Plough Pose)

Ardha Halasana treats the problem of foul breathe very well. It cures the causes like disorders related to stomach. Ardha Halasana corrects the blood circulation and invigorates your abdominal organ. Improvement of digestion gives you refreshing breath.

steps & benefits click: Ardha Halasana

  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation Pose)

Surya Namaskar is famous and well known for its power packed performance. It’s the best way to start your day with this Pose. It detoxifies your body and gives complete body work out. If toxins are removed from your body, it’s obvious that you got a fresh breath with a healthy body.

Click here for steps: Surya Namaskar

  • Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend Pose)

The Seated Forward Bend Pose or Paschimottanasana is a complete relaxation pose to finish the yoga exercises and routines. By deeply relaxing all organs and expelling negative energy, it cures indigestion and respiratory and stress-related problems.

steps: Paschimottanasana

  • Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Matsyasana is a typically beautiful pose showing the structure of a fish. Breathing process plays an important role in Matsyasana or in All Asana. Fish pose gives benefit to your throat, digestive system. That helps detoxification of your body. And you rewarded with refreshing breath.

steps: Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Pranayama for bad mouth odor

  • Ujjayi (Ocean Sound Breath)

When the rushing sound is created by your throat it directly affects your throat. The sound which is produced in Ujjayi Pranayama is different from normal sound. It is best for throat related problems, sinus and cures your breathing related issue.

For steps: Ujjayi pranayama

  • Sheetali Pranayama (breath of Cooling)

Sheetali Pranayama reduces the heat and cools down your body. Along with it gives relieve in stress, depression, and anxiety. Sheetali Pranayama cleans up your stomach and promotes the better digestive system. It is the best breathing technique for people having a throat, tongue or mouth related problems (these are often bad breath).

for steps click: Sheetali Pranayama

  • Skull shining Breath (Kapalbhati)

Skull shining breath is the most effective as well as a powerful breathing technique. Best breathing exercise for your stomach because with every stroke it massages your intestinal organs. That helps and promotes good digestion and removes toxins through the ways of your nasal. Problems related to lungs, throat, and infection in the respiratory tract. Forget your bad breath and say thanks to Kapalbhati.

Click here for steps: Kapalbhati pranayama

With Asana & Pranayama also try some tips which remove your bad breath odor.

Tips for To Beat Bad Breath

  • Dental hygiene is the most important part; so, don’t be feeling lazy to clean your mouth properly. After meal brushes your teeth, it removes food particles that stuck in your teeth.
  • Drink enough amount of water, which your body demands (not more or less).
  • Take some Fennel/Anise (सौंफ) in your mouth after the meal. It removes your mouth foul breath and good for digestion.
  • You can also take one or two pieces of cardamom (इलायची) just after your meal. Fennel and Cardamom is most common but effective method to remove bad breath.
  • Tulsi is known for its antibacterial as well as an antioxidant factor but it refreshes your breath also. Drink Tulsi tea or chew 2 or 3 leaves of Tulsi every day. We are sure it kicks out your bad breath issue permanently.
  • You may also use the leaves of field mint (पुदीना) for best and long lasting effect.

We hope after knowing these Effective Yoga To Beat Bad Breath with tips. You’ll confidently talk to others with refreshing and smell free breath.


How Does Meditation Benefit Your Mental Health?

Meditation is not an exercise or an activity, it is a psychological practice that helps us work with nature of mind, nature of human, how to manage emotions and how it affects our body as a whole. It helps to cope with lower self-esteem and put the mind at relaxation state. It also helps maintain relationships with partners and other people around you. There are finest of the Oakville meditation classes around you that can benefit your mental health and well-being and even improve your relationships.Meditation-Benefit-for-Mental-Health

Here are the 5 benefits of mediation towards your mental health

  • Parasympathetic

When you start practicing yoga, your state of mind and body relax the most. You will have comparatively less anxiety and you will be in a more relaxed state. Your body will be from flight to rest and digest, that is from sympathetic to the parasympathetic state. It will calm your nerves down as soon as you start breathing deeply.

  • Self-sense

When you do meditation, you are in the relaxed state where your mind is just focused on one thing that you channelize your mind towards. You will develop a non-judgmental relationship with yourself. When you build self-trust and you develop a positive relationship with your mind and body, you treat it like a temple and then you exercise more and eat healthy food. You’re unafraid of difficult conversations because you know you’re still going to be alright at the end of the day.

  • Personal/Social life

It improves your personal and social life such that you will be able to handle all the situations calmly and gently. There would be times when you would want to snap at your people but if you meditate, you will think with the quiet mind which is at ease. When you’re more focused and at peace with yourself, you’ll be the same way with your partner. You’ll view them through the same lens of compassionate, unconditional love and care.

  • Shadow qualities

The yoking of solar and lunar in yoga makes us recognize qualities in ourselves that we are unaware of. We do not know, where there are tightness and tension in our body where we hold psychological and emotional energy. The meditation with the combination of yoga will ease that tightness and knots and gets your body in the relaxed state. After a point in time, you will have an emotional release which will relax your mind and thus, you as a whole will be relaxed.

  • Origin of issue

We may not be able to give back what our family has given us. Thus, at the least what we can do is to own up our actions that have hurt them and rectify them. You’re the only one that can change your actions and also control them with your behavior as well. If you’re showing up in a different way, other people will inevitably be forced to show up in a different way.


Practicing the meditation regularly will improve not only your physical but mental health as well in a long run. However, it is said that you will get the desired result if you do something with discipline and precision. Thus, join one of the best Oakville meditation classes – and start the meditation from today itself. You do not want to spend your life in any less manner than it is supposed to be lived.


Top 10 Yoga activities: For leaning face

Yoga-activities-For-leaning-faceIn today’s fashion oriented world every People wants to appear smart and slim by their body and by their face also. So, for this leaning face is an important thing, which plays an important role. This Era is an era of six packs abs, Men – Women both are looking forward to getting a toned face and leaning face.

Lean, taut and sculpted faces are in prevalence. Your face and body attract other easily for this you have to give some time to your body. If someone face is permanently chubby, cherubic and rounded, they feel inferiority complex, when they look other person face is slim. Those people who are facing the same problem, it’s time to transform into a leaning one. Here are some Yoga activities for your attractive and leaning face. Before mentioning the tips & yoga activities, remember one thing; Yoga activities is not an instant as the other leaning techniques that you can use up. But, somewhere down the line, it’s a natural, long lasting and painless technique. The main thing is that there are no side effects, but it gives you positive results.

Yoga activities for making your Face lean

  • Chin Lock (Jalandhar Bandha)

First sit comfortably in the Padmasana and breathe deeply. Keep your hands on your knees, raise your shoulders up and bend forward. Now press your chin strongly against your chest in between your collar bones closing your food pipe. Hold your breath as much as long for few seconds or for minutes. After that, release and follow the same procedure 3 to 5 times.

Benefits of Chin lock for Face

Chin lock tones your facial, jawline muscles and shapes your face very well. Jalandhar Bandha is an awesome activity for people having a double chin. Regular practice of chin lock is very effective for them.

  • Lifting of Chin

You can lift your chin in standing or sitting position. First, stand/ sit comfortably. Then, you have to tilt your head upwards in the direction of the ceiling with your eyes gazing in the same direction.  After that, tighten your lips and extend them in a forward direction (as if trying to kiss in an upward direction).

Benefits of chin lift

It helps to reduce your double china along with stretches your neck, throat, and neck. A lifting of chin gives you leaning jawline.

  • Lion Pose (Simha Mudra)

Keep your knees down and put your hands on your thighs. Now, drop your jaw and widely open your mouth. Take your tongue out and downwards in the direction of your chin. Breathe from your mouth make a sound from your throat that is similar to the roar of a lion. 2 or 3 times repeat the same process.

Lion Pose (Simha Mudra)

Benefits of Lion Pose

Lion Asana promotes and tones all the muscle of your face. It also cures the throat related proThe bests. The best exercise for leaning face.

  • Uplifting of Cheek

First, sit peacefully and start smiling widely as much as you can. After that, put your middle & index finger of both hands on both cheeks.  By the help of your fingers, raise your cheeks on the direction (towards) of your eyes. Remain in the position for a couple of seconds and release it. Perform this 2 to 3 times. You can perform this, at your office on the sitting chair.

Benefits of Cheek uplifts

Uplifting of cheeks is good for your cheekbones. It helps to reduce the fat from your cheeks and tones your face along with making your face younger.

  • Air blowing

For doing this, you have to keep your spine straight with tilt your head in the back direction. Your eyes are directly gazing towards the roof. Pull your lips out and blow air. Perform this for 10 to 20 seconds and then stop for a while. Then Repeat the same step around 5 to 10 times.

Benefits of Air blowing

Beneficial for your neck & face muscles. Blowing air gives you a natural facelift by reducing your double chin. It gives a slimmer appearance to your face.

  • Neck Roll

Roll your neck upward and downward with good stretch. After that rotate your neck in clockwise & anti-clockwise direction.

 Benefits of Neckroll

You perform this Asana, anywhere, even your office also. This is the most positive way to reduce double chin. When you roll your neck, it targets your neck muscles, chin, and your jaws line. Best way to tighten your neck and skin as well as it is beneficial for wrinkles.

  • Smiling Fish Face

For doing this, you have to suck your lips and cheeks inwards and try to copy the fish face. When you make it, hold the face and try to smile. During this, you feel a burn sensation in your jaw and your cheeks. Release your lips and cheeks, wait for a while and perform the same step.

Benefits of Fish Face

This exercise will stretch your cheek muscles as well as tone your face, also sleek your face. Fish face exercise helps you to make your cheek less chubby.

  • Mouthwash Technique

In this technique, you have to fill your mouth with air and transfer that air inside your mouth one corner to another corner same as cleansing your mouth during mouthwash.

Benefits of Mouthwash technique

Mouthwash process helps to lower down the double chin as well as tones your cheeks also.

  • Locked Tongue Pose (Jivha Bandha)


Sit comfortably in the Padmasana (Lotus Pose). Keep your hands gently on your lap. Then, keep your tongue tip against the upper region of your mouth (same as swallowing the mouth). You have to keep your tongue that, slowly open your mouth until you feel some stretch in your neck & throat. During this breathe normally by your nose. Follow the same steps for 2 to 3 times.

Benefits of Locked tongue pose

This locking pose shapes your jawline and carves your face as well as it tones your facial muscles also.

  • Jaw Release

Sit comfortably and start moving your jaw same as chewing the food with a closed mouth. Breathe normally during this then open your mouth wide as much as you can along with keeping your tongue in the area of your lower teeth. Remain in this for seconds and imitate the same steps for 2 or 3 times with stretch.

Benefits of Jaw Release

This technique makes your attractive and sharp and a prominent jawline. Jaw release lowers down your double chin problem by stretching the cheeks, lips, and jaws.


If you really want slim and well tone face, then you have to avoid fast foods, smoking cigarettes and drinking.

Avoid too much spicy and high cholesterol based food at night. Make a systematic and daily routine for Asana and Pranayama. Strictly avoid late night working; it affects your face as well as your eyes also.

(Live simply as much as you can)


Yoga for office workers

What about our office going friends? Is any yoga for office workers is present or what are the yogic activities which they can perform in the stressful Environment of their office. So, here we mention topmost Yoga techniques for our office going friends. Who are busy in their table & chair working, and haven’t ample time for any workouts.

Yoga-for-office-workers-corporate-yogaPerforming yoga at the office is an awesome relaxation method for those people who have hectic schedules or those who are working on the Computer for a long duration. Stretched desk job leads lots of strain on the neck, shoulder, eyes, mind and back muscles. CTS (Carpal tunnel syndrome), back pain, depression, anxiety, and stress are very common but very lethal issue, by which most of the office going people are suffering.

Yogic activities give an outstanding stretch to your muscles also improves your body flexibility. Adding Yoga into your daily office routine can be hugely beneficial in kicking out stress, anxiety; depression along with Yoga will help you to make your muscles stronger, preventing injuries and improves the output for your work.

Yoga for office workers

Here are some easy to do Yogic activities for Workplace which can be done at the workstation at any time of the day.

  • Eye Rolling

Gazing the screen of your office computer for a long time an affect your eyes performance. So, look up without moving your neck and look down by your eyes for 2 or 3 minutes. After this, roll your eyes in clockwise & in Anti-clockwise direction also for 2 to 3 minutes. Then, close your eyes for some time and rub your palms with each other and touch your eyes and gently open your eyes.

  • Rolling your Neck

The neck is also is an important part, which is easily affected. For this, Close your eyes and keep your chin down towards your chest. Move your neck gently in circular motion, from your right ear to the right shoulder. Tilt your head backward and turn from left ear to the left shoulder. Repeat this around 4 to 5 times.

  • Forward Bend

Keep your chair little away from your desk. And put your feet strongly on the floor. Then, Lock your fingers behind the back but keep your arms straight. Next, bend at your waist and bring your locked fingers on top of the back. Next, take your chest just near to thighs and relax your neck.

  • Spinal Twist

Turn your body in the chair. Keep your feet strongly on the ground. Next, Grab (tight Grip) the chair by hands and twist yourself towards the right. After that, follow the same procedure to the other side.

  • Palms facing upwards (Eagle Arms)

Stretch your arms in front of the body. Your palms should face upwards. Keep your right arm over your left and close the palms together. Then, Raise your elbows while moving the shoulders down back. Follow the same steps with your other arm.

  • Wrist Roll

Put your hands straight in front of you. Grab your left-hand wrist by your right hand (right-hand palms should be facing up) and slowly rotate your left-hand wrist in a circular motion (Clockwise and in Anti Clockwise) for few minutes. Imitate the same steps with your right wrist.

  • Reverse Prayer Pose

You can also perform this amazing pose while you’re sitting in your office chair. Wrist rolls & Reverse Prayer pose is a very important exercise for your wrist. In CTS (Carpal tunnel syndrome) Reverse prayer pose is very beneficial for you to enjoy this pose.

  • Tadasana

Tadasana is also good stretching as well as relaxing exercise for you. It is simple and easy to do Asana. You can also perform this while sitting on the chair (by raising your hands up and finger should be interlocked with each other)

Is meditation & deep breathing exercises can be done while sitting on the chair?

Yes sure, you can do breathing exercises & meditation even you are sitting in your office chair. Meditation and breathing technique can be magically beneficial in relieving your office stress and improves your focusing level.

You can easily practice Pranayama during your office hours. Just close your eyes and start doing Anulom Vilom or Normal deep breathing for few minutes. Or you can also try meditation while sitting on the chair. Just close your eyes and empty your mind from thoughts; focus on your inhalation and exhalation. This will provides you clarity, calmness and relaxes your body.

Apart from that, drink water regularly or energy drinks. If you feel some laziness then, wash your face with cold water. One important thing sits on the chair with a correct pose or chooses the chair in which you are comfortable. Don’t tilt forward during typing or any work. Time to time move your feet in circular motion.

While you are in the home, avoid your office work, try to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Take dinner with your family if it is possible for you. Before going to office take your breakfast.

(Om Namaha Shivaay) 


What is Naturopathy (Nature Care)

The term naturopathy suggests the healing power of nature. Nature has its own ability to heal. Every human being has a healing energy within, which is responsible for our wellness and also for maintaining good health. Naturopathy involves no-invasive techniques & therapies including traditional healing methods, principles, and practices. Naturopathy avoids methods which merely relieves symptoms without addressing the cause. It focuses on identifying as well as addressing the cause and not on suppressing the symptoms.

As per to Naturopathy, healing comes from within the body. A disease is the offshoot of an accumulation of waste nature. Naturopathy is an eco –friendly and scientific way to keep our body in good health. In this therapy, it uses natural resources to keep the body fit and for curing diseases. Naturopathy helps to keep the system balanced using natural resources such as water, mud, and sunlight etc.

Background of Naturopathy

In ancient time, Indian Rishi’s (Sage or Wise men) used this therapy for healing. They used simple and easy to get products from nature for their therapy. The main thing is that they examine the whole body of patients.

The great philosopher Hippocrates believed in viewing the whole person in regards to finding a cause of disease and using the laws of nature to induce cure. He said that “nature is the healer of all diseases”.

Naturopathy removes toxic substances and situations from patient’s lifestyle to prevent the onset of further disease. The nature cure treatment gives importance to dieting, fasting, eating habits, Baths (sunlight, Mud, water), massage, enema yogic activities and other suitable remedies. It demands pure vegetarian food during the process of treatment.

The important Values of Naturopathy

Naturopathy has some important values, which follow: –

  • Naturopathy does not harm.
  • Treat the whole being.
  • Identify and treat the cause.
  • Self-healing power of nature.
  • Naturopathy as a teacher.

What is Nature care?

In this, nature care means following the rules of nature and curing diseases with the help of elements of nature (earth, water, air, and sun) in a way that toxins collected in the body are kicked out so that our body becomes powerful & pure.

Earth: – It is a basic element and it provides the stability and structure of our body.

Water: – Body of a human consists 75% of water. It is important for life. The body requires water constantly for all vital reactions such as the production of energy and getting rid of toxin from the body.

Sun: – Sun is another important source of natural energy. We all get energy from sun and this energy is abundant and unlimited. It is consisting of seven colors Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. Out of these, first three-color have a cooling effect on the body and are also antiseptic, rest of three colors create heat and green is natural (neutral). If you walk for half an hour or taking sunbath it gives you vitamin D, which helps the body to absorb some calcium which is important for our healthy bones and teeth also.

Air: – If you perform Pranayama in the polluted air then it will not do. It means pure air is also important. Pure air is like a great doctor you can see the benefits of pure air in Pranayama.

Some Important Type of Naturopathic Treatments

  • Ayurvedic treatment.
  • Homeopathy treatment.
  • Nutritional ”
  • Yoga & Meditation

Apart from that, there are other types of Naturopathy treatments are available which are given below: –

  • Unani treatment.
  • Colour Therapy.
  • Psychological counseling.
  • Chinese treatment.
  • Herbal treatment.
  • Manipulative therapy.

Here we provide top Naturopathy centers in India

  • Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort, Kerala.
  • Ananda in the Himalayas, Narendra Nagar (Tehri Garhwal) Uttarakhand.
  • Patanjali Yog Gram (Divya Yoga) Haridwar, Uttarakhand.
  • Devaaya, The Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre, Goa.
  • Kairali Ayurvedic Health Village, Kerala.
  • The Leela, Udaipur.

The main goal of Naturopathy is to treat the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). The important aim of this therapy is to heal the root causes of an illness (not just stop the symptoms).

Health issues in which Naturopathy is helpful

 Naturopathy is used for most health issues. Here are some common ones include:

  • Headaches.
  • Respiratory Problems.
  • Skin problems.
  • Hormonal imbalances.
  • Fertility issues.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Allergies.
  • Obesity.
  • Arthritis.
  • Chronic pain.

In some cases, well trained (licensed) naturopathic doctors can attempt minor surgeries (stitching up a wound). In many states, naturopathy maintains the side effects of the chemotherapy but in this doctor, a concern is needed.

You spend lots of your harden money on medicines and treatments, for your health just try nature care for once


Naturopathy boosts your overall health and prevents an illness. But in an emergency issue which requires a visit to the hospital (major problems like surgery) don’t use it. This is for an educational purpose. If you have a medical history then concerns your doctor before going to do naturopathy treatment.

(Nature care is safe & gives long-term relief)