Healthy Vegetarian Salads Recipes

Are your loved ones (child) making their faces during eating vegetarian salads? Not to worry about it. Here we uncover the some Top Healthy Vegetarian Salad recipes. It’s time to change and upgrade your healthy vegetarian salad recipes with this One. We are sure your kids love these Top Healthy Vegetarian Salads recipes. These are Read more about Healthy Vegetarian Salads Recipes[…]


Shankhaprakshalana Benefits (Natural way of Cleansing)

Have you ever think about your stomach? Shankhaprakshalana comes under the category of Shatkarma or Shatkriya (six activities of cleansing, Shankhaprakshalana is one of them) and under the dhauti kriya. All we know that in a year there are 365 days. But we load our stomach throughout the year. For full body detoxification here is Read more about Shankhaprakshalana Benefits (Natural way of Cleansing)[…]


Yoga for Thyroid: 9 Asana and 3 Pranayama

Here we uncover the some best Yoga for Thyroid really helps you to fight against thyroid Problems. Before, we move towards the Yoga Asana & Pranayama for Thyroid. You have to clear the concept of the thyroid, types of thyroid disorders, hormones of thyroid and its function. Below we mentioned the definition of Thyroid as Read more about Yoga for Thyroid: 9 Asana and 3 Pranayama[…]


Fresh Ways On How To Overcome Anxiety By Yoga

It’s a well-established belief that yoga helps you get relief from mind’s worries and body’s illnesses. But how to overcome anxiety through yoga? This question can befuddle even experts. So, we’ll give you an easy-to-follow guide that is suitable for beginner to experienced yoga practitioner. In its essence, yoga cures anxiety by soothing your body Read more about Fresh Ways On How To Overcome Anxiety By Yoga[…]


9 Awesome Yoga Poses for Stronger and Toned Arms

Are you dreaming about toned and strong arms? For this you have to follow these Yoga Poses for Stronger and Toned Arms. Assume that if you have beautifully shaped arms that attract everyone towards you.  All you need to just trust on Yoga and keep some quality time in reserve only for Yoga Practice. So, Read more about 9 Awesome Yoga Poses for Stronger and Toned Arms[…]


7 Alternatives To Viagra Online You Never Knew About

It’s no surprise when people recommend Viagra when treating erectile dysfunction. Viagra Sildenafil is one of the most popular drugs in today’s society due to its effect on erectile dysfunction. Yes, the medicine has become the poster drug for this condition. Produced by Pfizer under the brand name Sildenafil and available on, this diamond-shaped Read more about 7 Alternatives To Viagra Online You Never Knew About[…]