{10} Awesome Natural ways to gain weight At Home

Reducing weight is an important issue for most of the people now a day. But somewhere down the line reducing weight naturally is like a big fight. Have you know many people want to gain weight, being a underweight is there big issue same like the people who are looking for to reducing weight. Both issues are different but both take time when it comes to result. Gaining weight is top in their priority list, so not to worry we are here for helping you.

We uncover the {10} awesome natural way to put on weight in a healthy way.

Before we uncover the {10} awesome natural ways to gain weight naturally or at home. Remember one thing there are so many things which are responsible for gaining or reducing weight. And hormones play a vital role in gaining weight, imbalance of hormones can directly affect your body growth as well as weight gain.Natural-ways-to-gain-weight-At-Home

Here we are mention some important hormones which are responsible for gaining or reducing weight.

  • Glucocorticoids
  • Melatonin
  • Progesterone & estrogen (Female hormones)
  • Testosterone (Male hormones)
  • Cortisol
  • Thyroid
  • Insulin
  • Leptin

Please check the level of your hormones before doing these things it will help you easily whether you want to put on weight or reduce weight.

So you need to know how to put on weight naturally?

Here we mention 11 Natural ways to increase weight follow these and add some Kgs to your body!

  • Add Whole Fat milk in your diet

Full cream milk is the easiest way to increase weight. For this, you’ve to change your skimmed milk with whole milk. Instead of morning tea take one glass of milk, and also before going to bed drink one glass of milk daily. Add this habit to your daily routine. Full cream or whole milk provides you 60 to 80 extra calories per glass in comparison to skimmed milk. Milk is a good source of calcium, Vitamin D and A and also full of many nutrients. You can take your milk with cereal and with oatmeal. Putting banana or mango in milk makes it more powerful, so you have the option to take a banana shake or mango shake (in juicer or mixer add two bananas with milk or you can use mango pulp and mix it with milk). Surely it will increase your weight if you try this continuously.

  • Ghee or Butter

Clarified butter is very high in calories. If you don’t like to drink milk then try Butter with the bread and roast it well. This is also a good breakfast having all the nutrients which are requisite for the daily needs. One interesting fact is butter contains saturated fats. There is one alternate for butter, you can change butter with Ghee (Clarified butter). Clarified butter is easily available but keeps your eyes on during purchasing the Ghee. Don’t compromise with the quality. It is beliefs that Cow’s Ghee is very healthy for our body, eyes, & mind also.

But for gaining weight use Buffalo Ghee, it contains high calories and fats in comparison with Cow’s Ghee. You can consume Ghee in cooking in the place of cooking oil. When you lightly fried eggs in Ghee or butter then it will definitely boost up your calories along with you gain the weight day by day. For milk lovers, you can add one or two tablespoons of Ghee in a glass of milk but don’t add sugar to your milk. And take this milk before going to bed.

  • Try once the Peanut butter

The combination of Peanuts and butter is outstanding for gaining weight. As we know that peanuts are fully packed with fat & protein. It is an ideal meal part for those who are looking for increasing the weight naturally. One single tablespoon of peanut butter contains about 100 calories. If this is not enough then it also packed with Vitamin B & E, folic acids, and magnesium. Just take a whole wheat bread and apply the very thick layer of peanut butter and enjoy or toast with milk.  

  • Whole Wheat Bread

Butter and bread are incomplete without each other. If we are talking about butter & ghee then how can we ignore bread? For gaining weight whole wheat bread is the best and easiest way to gain the weight naturally. The easiest way to consume bread is with the layer of butter. Or you can toss it up with healthy grains; whole wheat bread has sufficient nutrients which are best for a healthy breakfast. This will add enough calories to your breakfast. The best part of whole wheat bread is it fully packed with fiber and minerals which are not seen in the normal pieces of bread (white bread). So, add whole wheat bread in your breakfast with some grains and an extra layer of butter.

  • Yummy Cheese

A sandwich is incomplete without cheese and it’s my favorite and definitely, you love it. The best part of cheese is that you can use it in any favorite dishes of yours. When there is a shortage of milk in your home then cheese is a good option. And cheese is full of nutrients same as milk. Commonly cheeses contain very high fat, thus the use of cheese definitely helps you to increase the weight naturally.

  • Trust the Amazing Avocado

If you want to add simple and easy fats to your diet just add Avocado. It is the awesome way to add fats to your diet. Have you know that half piece of an avocado is packed with about 138 to 140 calories. And Avocado is also rich in minerals, Vitamins (Vitamins E especially), potassium, and folic acid. You can also use avocado in your salads or you may spread the layer on avocado on the slice of bread.

  • King of vegetable Potato

Potato is lovable so everyone likes potatoes. A main part of the potato is you can mix it with any vegetables or with any edible material. Potato is very high in carbohydrate which is good for gaining weight fast and naturally. Potatoes also contain fibers, protein and adequate amount of vitamin (Vitamin C especially). Every one peels the outer skin of the potato, but an interesting fact is with the skin potatoes has ample nutrients. So, don’t neglect its skin, wash potatoes properly and roast it but don’t peel its skin and eat it. Peeling the skin off means you are missing the main part of proteins & minerals. Boil the potatoes after that fried it in the butter and eat it.

  • Say Yes to Fruits

Tropical fruits can solve your problem and helps you to increase the weight of the body. King of fruits is Mango, so don’t ignore a Mango along with pineapple, bananas, and papayas contains the natural sugar. Natural sugar is the easy and simple way to gain weight. Definitely, these tropical fruits having natural sugar boost your energy level and fills up your stomach. You can consume the fruit by making fruit salads or you can mix these fruits in a sweet dessert but don’t add extra sugar or saturated artificial sugar. What about the smoothie, you can also make a refreshing smoothie by mixing vegetables with fruits and blend them & enjoy your smoothie. But remember golden rule don’t add sugar instead of sugar you can use maple syrup or honey.

  • Dry Fruits (especially nuts)

As snacks nuts are an awesome choice and excellent for putting on some weight. Dry fruits contain various amounts of nutrients and fiber as well as fat also. That helps you to increase the body weight. Mix all the dry fruits or nuts and take it time to time this will full your stomach for a long duration. The best part is that you can carry these nuts with you in anywhere you go (school, college or office).  

  • For Meat lovers (Red meat)

This is only for meat lovers always give preference to red meat. Red meat is rich in high cholesterol and it is a very powerful way to put on weight very easily. Red meat also holds the high amount of iron as well as various proteins. For making it more effective just add 2 to 4 drops of olive oil in the red meat properly toss it and keep in the oven. It is a perfect and healthy way to put on weight. But always choose the fresh meat for your diet.

The second item is eggs, ya! You heard correct eggs are also the best way to put on weight use butter, potatoes with eggs. Then surely it will create a magic you can easily gain the weight.

Important Notes

  • Avoid Trans fat and fast food which is unhealthy for gaining weight.
  • Trans fats easily found in processed food, so avoid this.
  • Beverages like soda and cold drinks and French fries will definitely increase the weight but not in a healthy manner.
  • These are not good for your heart also, all these things trigger the heart-related disease, diabetes, and blood pressure related problems.
  • So follow above-mentioned tips for gaining the weight naturally. Many boys & girls are taking a protein shake or so-called supplements without any concern.
  • So, without any knowledge don’t become the doctor yourself.

(Go green and respect the mother nature)


{9} Yoga Poses to cure Migraine

What happens when you are enjoying your moments with someone or with your family & suddenly you got a headache? People who face the problem of a migraine or a headache can easily understand the panic condition of a Migraine. A migraine is the terrible conditions faced an individual. The agonized pain, the hatred to light and the very sensitive towards a sound, it really breaks your heart when you see your loved one suffer from the lethal attack of a Migraine.

Somewhere down the line, our unsystematic daily routine or lifestyle trigger the issue of a migraine. But not to worry, we mention some vital Yoga Asanas to get rid of a migraine. Before moving to Asanas list you have to how yogic activities prevent or a cure migraine. Along with it’s important to know a term

How does Yoga Asana help in a Migraine?

Yoga practice is an ancient art, which gives benefits to your mind, body & soul. In ancient time practitioners consider the Yoga much more than a form of exercise. By this thinking holistic sense is born along with Yoga is the mixture or combo of various breathing techniques & lots of Asanas. Main as well as important point is that Yoga has no bad effects but it helps you to fight against various diseases. By correct posture, rhythm and right low of energy lead to a good health. Just you have to take your few minutes to practice Yogic activity regularly. This will keep you away from big issues like a migraine. In Yoga, there is lots of breathing techniques as well as Asana to easily cop up with your any problems.

Yoga is the natural and better way when it comes to rescuing from a Migraine.

Now understand a term Migraine?

A migraine is a neurological issue which comes with a repeated period of headaches (It may vary from mild, high or severe). Migraine pain generally takes place on one side of the head (half part of the head). The migraine attack can last for two or three hours, two days, sometimes or even a week. In migraine light or huge distractions or sound is disturbing or increase the rate of a problem of a Migraine. According to the National Health Service Migraine is the most common or one of the more common neurological conditions. A migraine is a higher rank than diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy. You may take medicine for that, and it will give instant relief but have many side effects.

Symptoms of a Migraine

There are some important symptoms of a Migraine, which should be noted.

  • Symptoms include drowsiness, severe pain on one side of the head, feeling pain during any physical activity, vomiting, and nausea.

9 Yoga Asana for a Migraine

  • Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Downward facing dog pose resembles a stretching dog. Stretch can satisfy you and helps to overcome the problem of a Migraine. You can’t feel the satisfaction without trying it so go for it and feel the change in you. Adho Mukha Svanasana boosts the circulation of blood towards the brain (coz your head is downward). So, this Pose heals and reduces the pain of a Migraine or Headaches. Daily practice of this Asana can totally cure a Migraine. Want to know more…

  • Pada Hastasana (Hands to foot Pose)

Pada Hastasana is a standing asana with forwarding bend. It targets your core body and invigorates (stimulate) your nervous system. Hence it increases the circulation of blood. By this, it calms and relaxes your mind. Pada Hastasana has an amazing power to kick out the pain of a headache as well as a migraine too. For steps click…

  • The Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

The Lotus Pose or the Padmasana is generally known as the best pose for the meditation. Padmasana lower down the headaches by relaxing your mind. Don’t take it as granted coz it looks simple. But this simple sitting Asana has an outstanding effect if you use this pose for meditation. Want to know more… 

  • The Child Pose (Balasana)

The Balasana is famous by the Name of Child Pose, which is awesome relaxing Asana. Balasana is a quick stress buster in a short duration. The Child Pose stretches your thighs, hips, and ankles. A nervous system is relaxed if you stretch your body, stretching of the body can reduce the level of fatigue, stress and by this, your Pain of a Migraine is under control. For steps click

  • The Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

Setu Bandhasana is very much similar to the shape of a Bridge. Setu Bandhasana is yet another simple Asana but very effective for controlling your pressure of blood. The Bridge Pose relaxed & calms your mind and beneficial in anxiety as well as mild depression. During the performance of Setu Bandhasana, the flow of blood is gushing towards the brain. Hence it alleviates the symptoms & pain of a Migraine. For steps click here

  • Seated Forward Bend Pose (Paschimottanasana)

A seated forward bend, the Paschimottanasana is another amazing asana in yoga for migraine pain. It is easy once you master it, and is sure to be an integral part of your yoga arsenal once you start practicing it. This asana calms the brain and relieves stress, which are the two major triggers of migraines. Want to know more click

  • Cat Stretch Pose (Marjariasana)

Marjariasana is generally attempting with the combination of Bitilasana (Cow Stretch).  This combination gives outstanding benefits to your whole body. Marjariasana relaxes your body muscles and good for your mind. Cat Stretch Pose corrects your posture and improves your breathing. Thus stress from your mind is released. Benefits of Cat stretch helps to get rid of from the Pain of a Migraine. For steps click.

  • The Shoulder Stand Pose (Sarvangasana)

When you perform Sarvangasana, the flow of oxygenated blood is little bit increases towards your head. By which the problem of a Migraine is vanished out. So, add Sarvangasana in your daily Yoga Practice. Steps of Sarvangasana.

  • The Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

Shavasana is like a gem on the crown. If you want ultimate ending after your practice then definitely Shavasana don’t let you down. During the Shavasana, your body shifts into a meditative state. Your mind, body & soul are rejuvenated during this Process. The Corpse Pose gives rest to your mind, body & soul and vanished out a migraine. Want to know more click  

Breathing Techniques for Headache & Migraine

If we only talk about Asana and don’t mention the Pranayama for Migraine then it will not do. Here is some important handpicked Pranayama that is beneficial for a Migraine & headache. Pranayama is a bonus for you to enjoy the practice and kick out the Pain.

Pranayama targets your mind and gives calmness by alleviating stress, anxiety and other mental disorder. Pranayama is the most powerful techniques which are used by Indian Rishis for controlling the breath. If your mind is calm then forget the pain of a Migraine. Perform Meditation (Dhyan) after the practice of Pranayama definitely it will increase the success rate of benefits.

(You got only one chance, so enjoy your life)


{15} Benefits of Lemon Water (Hair, skin and Health)

What are the top 10 benefits of Lemon water (Hair, skin & health)? You’ve tried Lemon tea; now try lemon water for your whole body. Lemon is an awesome fruit and you use it in your life in many ways. Generally, lemon is best known for its citrus acid or Vitamin C. But you know what Lemon is the important and good source of many nutrients along with antioxidants. Antioxidants & nutrients are vital for rejuvenating, restoring as well as benefits your whole physical mainframe.

Here, we reveal the top astonishing benefits of Lemon water which is good for your whole body. One interesting fact is, you can double its benefits if lemon water consumed with lukewarm water. So, what are you waiting for just to say goodbye to your bed tea and drink some natural and refreshing lemon water and revitalize your mind, body & soul.

So, be with us until the end of the article Benefits of Lemon Water.

We divide the top benefits of Lemon water into 3 parts: Hair, skin and your health.Benefits-of-Lemon-Water-Hair-skin-Health

How Lemon water is beneficial for your hair?

  • Forget your greasy and oily hair

Many of our friends suffer from this general problem. So, our friends with greasy/oily hair get the amazing benefits of lemon water for this issue. Lemon water has a capability to reduce the secretion of sebaceous (a type of glands present in the scalp) which is present in your scalp. This prevents your hair follicles from getting clogged.

  • Best for Dandruff & Dry Scalp

As we know that, lemon is rich in antioxidants, which is most advantageous for your head scalp. Thus, if you consume lemon water regularly but in fixed quantity is very beneficial and kicks out the problems of dry itching scalp & dandruff permanently.

  • Promotes your Hair Growth

The water of lemon is also famous for its awesome natural & effective hair care solution. Lemon water keeps your hair follicles/roots healthy as well stronger. Lemon water is a best & natural stimulant for hair, thus it promotes the growth of your hair.

How Lemon water is beneficial for your Skin?

  • It gives you clear skin

Lemon water also removes toxic substances from your body; hence it keeps your skins glowing and clear. Apart from combating with free radicals, the lemon rejuvenates your skin (internally). By which you black spots or age spots are can’t appear. This will result, you won the spots less skin & feel younger.

  • Anti-aging Properties of Lemon water

As we all know that lemon is rich in with natural antioxidants. This can tremendously fight with free radicals. Vitamin C removes free radicals completely from the body. Due to its vitamin C, a fruit of lemon also repairs the damaged cells of the skin. Hence it cures fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, blemishes, old age spot, and deep wrinkles. So, that’s why water of lemon is recommended as an awesome anti-aging solution.

  • Lemon water lightening your skin and remove Acne Scars

Daily consumption of fresh lemon water can remove/cure blackheads, acne and other skin problem very easily.  But you have to drink lemon water with empty stomach in the morning. The sharp properties of lemon water are also vital for vanishing out the scars from your face.

Now come to the third category and it’s Health.

How lemon water is beneficial for your health (Vitamin C)?

Generally, all we know that Lemon is an awesome source of  Vitamin C. This Vitamin C is tremendously boost/improves your immune system. If your immune system is all good, then attacks of bacteria & viruses are automatically reduced or less effective by your immune system. This will leads you overall good health, and you don’t get any common or frequent diseases.

  • Beneficial for your respiratory system

For a refreshing and energetic day, drink lemon water to cure all your breathe or respiratory related problems. Lemon can cure Asthma and bronchitis. So, these common but dangerous respiratory issues are cured or healed by a glass of lemon water.

  • Vitamin C is the best Natural Detox

For a healthy body, it’s mandated that your internal system is pure and free of toxins materials. So, lemon water takes care of your overall health by detoxifying your body.

  • Lemon water maintains the level of pH in your body

Lemon is a citrus fruit even though lemon can outstandingly balance the pH level of the body. You are amazed that daily consumption of lemon water is the best way to neutralize your body. The Benefits of Lemon Water is, It makes alkaline by reducing acidity.

  • Lemon water has awesome Antibacterial Agent

A daily routine of drinking lemon water boosts your sweating process. This will helps you to heal from influenza or fever. It can also treat throat infections like tonsillitis and another general throat related problem. Antibacterial properties of Lemon water are best for keeping away infectious & bacterial problems.

  • Rich in Protein

Lemon contains a high amount of chemical element Potassium (K). Potassium is very beneficial for triggering the activities of the whole Nervous system or Central Nervous system. Potassium also keeps oxidation process under control and controls your blood pressure. In simple words, lemon water guards you against various potential physical illness and you feel energized all the time.

  • Improves your urinary system

Lemon is a natural diuretic property; this property can improve your rate of urination. Proper urination process is the most vital thing for maintaining your urinary system health. Lemon removes waste as well as toxic material from your internal system. By which the issue of rheumatoid arthritis is staying far away from you.

  • Oral health

As lemon water contains antioxidants, which kicks out oral health issues. Bleeding gums, bad breath, whitening of teeth, stop infections in your mouth, kill bacteria. These all problems can easily short out with a glass of lemon water solution.

  • Useful in Weight Loss

If you tried lots of products for weight loss, but you couldn’t get an effective result. Then not to worry, a fresh lemon is a truly magical gift for our obese friends. Lemon water has a tendency to burn the fat fast and control your unnecessary appetite. But for obese people use lemon solution with warm water with one or two teaspoons of honey. The combination of warm water, lemon & honey is the amazing trio for reducing excessive fat. Believe that, this trio is the best & most generally used but effective home remedies to get rid of fat.

  • Relieves Indigestion

Indigestion, constipation, abdominal cramps, stomach ache, and bloating problems are most common. For this, you’ve to just drink a full glass of lemon water with lukewarm water daily. And from the first day of use, you can easily feel the difference. Lemon water improves the secretion of juices in your digestive system. This will make your digestive system smoother for better functioning.

Important Notes

  • Don’t add sugar to your lemon water solution. But you can add a pinch of black salt in your lemon water.
  • People having high blood pressure are strictly advice that, use normal pure as well as fresh water instead of warm. And also avoid salt in your lemon solution.
  • You can add a teaspoonful honey with lemon but use lukewarm water. Diabetic patients do not suppose to use honey with lemon water.

That’s it, now you know the top benefits of lemon water. So, what are you waiting for just to say goodbye to your bed tea and try lemon water with a smile. Try this, and write to us for your experience.



Healthy Vegetarian Salads Recipes

Are your loved ones (child) making their faces during eating vegetarian salads? Not to worry about it. Here we uncover the some Top Healthy Vegetarian Salad recipes. It’s time to change and upgrade your healthy vegetarian salad recipes with this One.

We are sure your kids love these Top Healthy Vegetarian Salads recipes. These are not only for kids but for your whole family members. So, select the day, and enjoy the healthy Vegetarian Salads recipes with your dear ones/family.

best-Healthy-Vegetarian-Salads-Recipes-for-yogaVegetarian salads are known for its health benefits if you use correct ingredients and taken in the right ratio. These veggie’s salads improve your physical health (lower down the cholesterol, reduce the blood pressure, weight loss). Healthy Vegetarian Salads are easy to digest, thus it is good for your digestive system.

The interesting thing is that these salads recipes need no extra spices or any exotic ingredients. All you need do to is just mix the different veggies, fruit or dry fruit. Which you easily find in your kitchen, that’s it and your healthy vegetarian salads are ready with 10 to 20 minutes with some basic ingredients.

Broccoli mixed vegetarian salad

Items or ingredients

  • You need one & half cup of fresh broccoli florets.
  • One cup of red grapes.
  • A half cup of raisins (dried).
  • One-sixth cup of well-sliced onion (red/white).
  • A half cup of yogurt (ordinary or Greek yogurt).
  • Half or one teaspoon of black pepper.
  • Some maple syrup
  • Two tablespoons of vinegar (balsamic or white wine vinegar or you use both).
  • Some amount of flaked almonds.
  • Last, salt according to your taste.


  • First, take a bowl and mix vinegar, yogurt, black pepper, maple syrup, and salt.
  • Second, add red grapes, sliced onions, and florets of broccoli in the first mixture. After mixing nicely toss them.
  • Last, garnish with almonds flakes.

Vegetarian salad of watermelon & grapefruit


  • You need cubed watermelon four cups.
  • A half cup of crushed cheese.
  • Two tablespoons of finely chopped basil.
  • Three cups of grapefruit (chopped).
  • Some maple syrup (or you may take one tablespoon).
  • Four tablespoons of lime juice.
  • Some pineapple juice.
  • Some mint leaves and salt to taste.


  • Mix lemon juice, pineapple juice, maple syrup, and salt in a bowl (take the medium or large bowl).
  • Now, mix the watermelon, cheese, basil, and grapefruit; toss them together.
  • Last use handful of leaves of mint for garnishing.

Pomegranate & Carrot healthy Vegetarian Salad


  • You need one cup of pomegranate.
  • Two tablespoons of nuts (pecan nuts).
  • Julienne style cut one cup of carrots.
  • Some black pepper.
  • Few chopped leaves of mint.
  • Salt to taste (it’s better if you use pink salt).
  • One teaspoon of brown sugar.
  • Some cilantro.
  • Lime juice three tablespoons.
  • Handful of cilantro


  • First thing, mix brown sugar, mint leaves, black pepper, lime juice, and salt.
  • Now, add Pomegranate & carrots and mix all the items very well.
  • The last step with pecan nuts & cilantro garnishes your salad. It’s ready to serve.

Healthy Vegetarian salad of Watermelon and Cucumber


  • Cubed cut cucumber one cup.
  • Two cups of cubed cut watermelon.
  • Chopped mint leaves two tablespoons.
  • Good quality honey, two teaspoons.
  • Two tablespoons of lime juice.
  • Crushed or crumbled feta cheese, half cup.
  • A half cup of tomato juice.
  • One sixth (1/6) pink Himalayan salt.


  • Mix tomato juice, lime juice, feta cheese, honey, pink salt, watermelon, and cucumber in a large bowl.
  • Toss nicely along with garnish with green & fresh leaves of mint.

Awesome combo of Beetroot & Avocado

You need

  • Avocado one cup.
  • Baby spinach two cups.
  • One fourth (1/4) cup of well-sliced onion.
  • 1 cup sliced beetroot
  • Cherry tomatoes half cup.
  • Olive oil two tablespoons.
  • Mustard one teaspoon.
  • A half cup of crushed cheese (feta).
  • Vinegar four tablespoons.
  • Some black pepper & pink salt.


  • Mix all the vegetables. Then in this mixture add olive oil, vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt & pepper in a bowl.
  • Mix these entire things very well by tossing.
  • Last use crushed or crumbled cheese as a topping.

Try healthy vegetarian Cucumber salad in Thai style


  • A half cup of bean sprouts and one cup of nicely sliced cucumber.
  • Two tablespoons of peanuts and two tablespoons of lime juice.
  • You need a half cup of lettuce (iceberg), half teaspoon of brown sugar.
  • Olive oil one teaspoon, half teaspoon of nicely chopped jalapenos (with seeds).
  • Salt as per your taste and finally 6 to 8 pickled olives (slices).


  • One by one mix all the items in a large glass bowl and toss it well. Add salt and finally serve with peanuts topping.

Pomegranate Apple healthy Vegetarian Salad recipe

Main ingredients

  • You need one cup of mixed greens and two cups of lettuce (romaine).
  • Half cup feta cheese, sliced apple one cup.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of honey, five tablespoons of vinegar (balsamic).
  • Finely chopped garlic one tablespoon and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Some black pepper and lime juice three tablespoons.


  • Combine garlic, vinegar, olive oil, honey, black pepper, lime juice, & salt in a large bowl.
  • Now add lettuce, apple, mixed greens toss it and mix well.
  • The last step, garnish with feta cheese.

Benefits of Healthy Vegetarian Salads

  • First of all, it is easy to digest and very light, thus good for your digestive system.
  • Once in a week only take salads in your breakfast and lunch. This will helps you to control your weight.
  • Green veggies are a good source of fiber, minerals, proteins, iron, and vitamins. Hence it improves your immune system.
  • With the rich amount of nutrients, vegetarian salad is good for your eyes, skin, and hair.
  • Maintains the level of blood pressure along with lower down the cholesterol.
  • Best for diabetic and fatty people but with some instruction.
  • Healthy for your kids and your all family members.

Important Notes

  • Diabetic patients should not use maple syrup or honey in their salads.
  • Patient of High blood pressure takes a pinch of salt in their Vegetarian salads.
  • Ask the dietician before taking or trying salads for extra knowledge.
  • Take healthy food along with regularly follow the routine of Yoga.
  • Choose always fresh and organic vegetables and other edible items.

(Eat healthy live well)


Shankhaprakshalana Benefits (Natural way of Cleansing)

Have you ever think about your stomach? Shankhaprakshalana comes under the category of Shatkarma or Shatkriya (six activities of cleansing, Shankhaprakshalana is one of them) and under the dhauti kriya. All we know that in a year there are 365 days. But we load our stomach throughout the year. For full body detoxification here is the interesting but very effective way to clean your stomach.

Note that most of the health-related problem is born form stomach. So, once or twice in 6 month follow the Shankhaprakshalana if you really want to make your stomach happy. Be with us till the end, here we uncover the most effective technique for cleansing your stomach.Shankhaprakshalana-Benefits-Natural-yoga-way-of-Cleansing


Shankhaprakshalana is derived from the Sanskrit word. In which Shanka refers to “conch” and the meaning of Prakshalana is cleaning or washing out. In simple words, you can say that it is the natural way of the cleansing process.  It is the best and the effective way to clean your digestive system. For this, you don’t have to pay a huge amount. Shankhaprakshalana also known as “varisar dhauti” (Vari is the synonym of Water in Hindi).

In this, Shankha is representing as the whole alimentary canal (Mouth to anus). In simple word, Shankhaprakshalana is the simple and unique process to clean your intestinal tract by kicking out the toxins or impurities with salty water. 

Now come to its Historical facts or background

 The texts of Ayurveda & Yoga tell the importance of cleansing process (cleaning of stomach bowel). From Ancient times out Sages & Rishis perform the Shankaprakshalana for detoxification of the body or remove toxins from the body by drinking water and performing specific Asana. They observe and realize a yogic bowel cleansing technique is safe as well as best for removing toxin materials. They are impressed by its positive response. So that’s why they wrote this technique in the form of text for upcoming generations.

Basically, Shankhaprakshalana is mentioned in the context of Hatha Yoga Pradipika & Gherand Samhita. Thus Shankaprakshalana is also the part of an Ayurvedic technique which is famous by its name “Kaya Kalpa” (An Ayurvedic way of physical transformation as well as purification). Kaya refers to body and kalpa stands for transformation.

What’s the concept?

In Shankhaprakshalana you have to drink 4 to 6 glass of Luke warm water little bit salt, and lemon drops added. After consuming the water you have to perform specific Asana, if you feel the pressure then go to the toilet and after that again drink water and perform Asana till you feel the pressure (Imitate the process till the clean water is coming out from your Anus).  

Preparation for Shankhaprakshalana

  • Take 1 or 2 liters of lukewarm water to add 2 teaspoons of salt (per liter) to the water and you need one lemon juice/Liter.
  • Now quickly drink two or 4 four glass (maximum 6 glass) one after the other and perform the Asana which is given below 6 to 8 times each.
  • Again drink two or more glasses of warm salty water then again repeat the Asana for 6 to 8 times/Asana.
  • Follow the same procedure, until the water is finished or clean water comes from your Anus.

So, your confusion is clear between Laghu Shankhaprakshalana & Dirga Shankhaprakshalana.

  • Laghu Shankhaprakshalana (short cleansing process) 

In this version of the cleansing technique, you have to drink water as much as you can and perform the Asana. Also, you have to go to the toilet until you are comfortable. Less amount of water is passing out in Laghu Shankhaprakshalana. If you are new please try Laghu Shankhaprakshalana after that go for master Cleansing Process.

  • Master Cleansing Process (Dirga Shankhaprakshalana)

You have to drink water and perform asana until you feel the pressure and clean water has come from your Anus. In Laghu Shankhaprakshalana you don’t have to wait for clear water evacuated. But in Master cleansing process you have to wait for it, and it takes times so that’s why it is named so anus. As pressure comes rapidly fewer stools and wore water will be passed out from Anus. At first or second pressure it may be possible that hard stool pass out. As you drink salty water and repeat the asana the rate of pressure is increases and cloudy yellow water and finally clear water will be evacuated (But the color of water may vary from person to person.

Best time for starting Shankhaprakshalana

In the morning start your process in between 5 to 7 Am. Try to finish your season before 7 AM.

Best place for practice 

Choose that place in which the adequate toilet facilities are available. If you are practice Shankhaprakshalana in the garden or open area please check the facility of the toilet. If the toilet facility is available then it’s good to perform the cleansing technique in the open and fresh air. But make sure where you practice the environment should be relaxed and calm.

Now come to the main section, Asana (6 Yoga Poses for Shankhaprakshalana)

Perform Tiryaka Tadasana without lifting your heels.

These are the 6 Asanas; it will help you to make your pressure after taking salty water.

What type of meal should you take?

After completing the Cleansing Process (Shankhaprakshalana) you should take easily to digest food means very light meal (not spicy as well as not too much oily). A mixture of rice and split green gram (Moong dal) with some cow ghee (clarified butter). The 3 major components of the Khichri are beneficial in the restoration and improve the function of the digestive system. The pulses give the easy to digest source of protein and Cow ghee is a mandate to coat the walls of the intestine. And rice gives carbohydrates and produces mucus, which helps to protect the inner lining of your alimentary canal. Take the Khichri also in your lunch or dinner also you can drink buttermilk.

After taking your meal its compulsory to not to sleep at least for 3 hours, when 3 hours pass to take some rest.

Important Points

  • Avoid hard physical or mental work and don’t talk too much. You feel some weakness, headache or you feel mild pain in your waist so don’t be panic.
  • Perform the Master cleansing technique once in 3 or 6 months.
  • You need highly well certified as well as a trained teacher for this, without any proper guidance don’t try this.
  • During the process when water comes out from the stomach through Anus it may little uncomfortable but at that time be calm & relaxed.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for Master Shankhaprakshalana.
  • At the starting stage, solid stool will pass out after that mixture of salty water and stool appears.
  • In the final stage, clear yellowish water will come out. Keep your eyes on your stool to check the color of your stool.
  • Be ready for 5 or more trips to the toilet to clear your stomach.

Benefits of Shankhaprakshalana

  • Shankhaprakshalana is the natural way of cleansing, so it removes toxins and rejuvenates our whole intestine.
  • So, it kicks out all the problems related to the digestive system (indigestion, constipation, gas, bloating, and acidity).
  • Surely, it improves the functions of your intestine.
  • Best for diabetic people along with it maintain your body weight (helps to burn the extra calories).
  • You feel younger and more energetic by this you gain the confidence.
  • Master Shankhaprakshalana is also good for your skin.


  • If you went through to any kind of surgery or if you are physically weal avoid Shankhaprakshalana.
  • Pregnant women or in the time of periods strictly avoid this technique.
  • In the case of back pain or spine pain don’t try this.
  • Perform Shankhaprakshalana in under the supervision of an expert teacher.
  • The day after the Shankhaprakshalana takes easily to digest meal for one week.
  • Avoid smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol after this process.
  • Avoid adding salt with water if you are a patient of High BP.

(Your hard work never went up to smoke)


Yoga for Thyroid: 9 Asana and 3 Pranayama

Here we uncover the some best Yoga for Thyroid really helps you to fight against thyroid Problems. Before, we move towards the Yoga Asana & Pranayama for Thyroid. You have to clear the concept of the thyroid, types of thyroid disorders, hormones of thyroid and its function. Below we mentioned the definition of Thyroid as well as its function in brief and simple words. After that move to the list of Yoga Asana & Pranayama for thyroid. So, be with us till the end. Women are easily affected by thyroid issues (right after pregnancy or after menopause) in comparison to men. So, it’s compulsory for you to check your thyroid hormones level in two or three months regularly.

“In America about 20 million, Americans suffer from the thyroid problem/disease.” Approximately more than 12% of the U.S. population develops the thyroid issue in their lifetime.

In 2017 (25th May) World Thyroid Day was recognized all around the globe.
(American Thyroid Association collaborates with International Thyroid Societies)Yoga-for-Thyroid-Asana-and-Pranayama-yoga-pose

What is Thyroid?

The thyroid gland is the important part of an endocrine system in our body. The thyroid is the butterfly-shaped gland which places in the front of the neck in our body. And it is located under Adam’s apple packed around the windpipe (trachea). A thin region of tissue in the middle of the gland named as the isthmus. This isthmus joins the two thyroid lobes on each side (gland is separated in two lobes left and right). The thyroid is marked as one of the hardest working glands in our body. The thyroid plays the important role to manage the countless metabolic processes in the whole body.

What are the main hormones of the thyroid gland?

  • The thyroid gland produces two main hormones called Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4) respectively.
  • These two hormones control the body temperature, heart rate and metabolism in our body.
  • It plays an important role to develop and growth of the brain for better functioning, especially in child/babies.
  • Thyroid demands iodine (a vital part of a chemical element of diet, iodized salt and natural food items that are rich in natural iodine) to produce these important thyroid hormones.

There is another hormone that is produced in our thyroid gland is named as Calcitonin.

What’s the normal level or range of T3 & T4?

  • Remember that various laboratories may have the different reference range for the normal level of these two hormones. Thus, it’s mandated to listen and follow the advice of your doctor.

The normal level of T3

The general and accepted a normal level of T3 is between 3.1 pmol/L & 6.8 pmol/L. by the test of T3 Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) is diagnosed.

The ideal level of Thyroxine (T4)

The usual and accepted normal level for free thyroxine is 12 to 22 pmol.

What are the different types of thyroid diseases/disorders?

  • Hypothyroidism (Underactive thyroid).
  • Hyperthyroidism (Overactive thyroid).
  • Goiter
  • Thyroid Cancer.
  • Thyroid Nodules.

But we discussed the main common thyroid disorders as well as its symptoms.

Hypothyroidism (Underactive thyroid)

Underactive thyroid leads from the thyroid gland which produces an insufficient amount of thyroid hormone. By this, it develops issues from the thyroid gland, hypothalamus (Pituitary gland). In a Simple word when your thyroid gland produces fewer amounts of hormones and this Problem is termed as Hypothyroidism.

Main Symptoms of hypothyroidism

  • Lack of concentration.
  • Indigestion, Constipation.
  • Joint & Muscle Pain.
  • Stress, anxiety, and Depression.
  • Tiredness.
  • Dryness of skin.
  • An extra amount of menstrual bleeding in Women.
  • Unintentionally Weight gain.

General causes of Underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroidism)

  • Inflammation of the thyroid of the thyroid gland (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis)
  • The resistance of the thyroid hormone.

Hyperthyroidism (Overactive thyroid)

When your thyroid gland produces an excessive amount of thyroid hormone it named as Overactive or Hyperthyroidism. It is a less general or common condition than Underactive thyroid.

Common Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

  • Increase in heart rate, nervousness.
  • Contraction of hand muscles (tremor).
  • Increase the rate of bowel movements.
  • Weight loss and fatigue.
  • Excessive sweating.

Most general causes of the overactive thyroid

  • Intake of an extra amount of iodine.
  • Multinodular goiter (toxic)
  • Graves’ disease (An immune system problem in which overproduction of hormones take place 0.5% male & 3% female affected )
  • Overexpress thyroid nodule (also named as hot nodules)


In simple words, a goiter is a problem when your thyroid gland is enlarged. A goiter does not come under the specific disease. It may be linked with hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism or normal thyroid function.

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is the most treatable type of cancer if it diagnosed earlier. When cell change or genetically mutate then thyroid cancer is developed. These cells are multiplying itself in your thyroid and take the form of tumor.

Hope you easily get the point what we want to say about Thyroid. Let’s move on to the important part that is Yoga Asana & Pranayama for Thyroid.

How Yoga Asana & Pranayama for thyroid is beneficial?

We can’t say that you totally cure your thyroid problem by Yoga Asana & Pranayama. But somewhere down the line, you can reduce the discomfort or symptoms of thyroid problems by Yoga Asana & Pranayama. There is some top-level Pranayama which is great for treating thyroid issues. In the same way, many asanas lower down the symptoms of Thyroid Problem. In many cases, thyroid disorders are cured by Yoga Asana & Pranayama. Try for once, definitely, it will help you a lot. Yoga Asana & Pranayama for is the best alternates for treating thyroid disorder rather than costly medication or treatments.

Best Yoga Asana & Pranayama for thyroid are given below.

List of Best Asana for balancing the level of thyroid

 Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

The fish pose makes an arch on your back when you perform this Asana. By this, the circulation of the blood is increased at the thyroid region. Also, it gives a good stretch to your throat and neck, which directly targets the thyroid gland. Fish pose is an inverted pose, and in an inverted pose, head motivates blood flow to your thyroid part thus it helps in hypothyroidism. For steps and other benefits click

Plow Pose (Halasana)

Plow pose also stretches neck and invigorate thyroid glands. It helps to lower down the symptoms of hypothyroidism but should not be performed by hyperthyroidism. It involves automatic chin lock during the full pose, which is good for your thyroid glands. Want to more click

Simhasana (Lion Pose)

Lion pose is quite interesting but most effective Asana to deal with the thyroid problems. When you perform Lion pose a roaring sound is produced which directly targets and massage your throat. By which the thyroid symptoms is lower down.

Want to know more click.

Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)

Shoulder stand maintains the endocrine system in our body. Sarvangasana helps the people with hypothyroidism. Thyroid gets the huge supply of blood in our body, so performing shoulder stand regularly improves the circulation and secretions of hormones. When you perform this pose it releases blood towards the neck and nourishes your thyroid. Hence it reduces the symptoms of hypothyroidism. For more details click

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra Pose is an awesome chest opener as well as stretch your throat area & neck. This stretch in neck and throat boost maintains and increases the function of the thyroid. Thus it is beneficial in Hypothyroidism. Click for steps & other benefits.

Inverted Pose (Viparita Karani)

Viparita means opposite or reverse and Karani refers to through, by which. The legs up wall pose is another name of Viparita Karani. Inverted Pose is a remedy for various diseases. Inverted pose helps in the problem of hypothyroidism. It increases the flow of blood to the thyroid gland and maintains the function of the thyroid.

Want to know more click

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

Bridge pose is an outstanding pose, especially for thyroid problems. It helps in hypothyroidism. Setu Bandhasana is also stretch your neck, improves blood circulation mostly in the thyroid gland along with controls the function of the thyroid.

Click here for steps.

Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Ustrasana stretches your back as well as your neck. Stretching of the neck will good for your thyroid. Because Stretching allows blood circulation to the thyroid gland. For other benefits & steps click.

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Dhanurasana is excellent intermediate level stretching Asana for back & your neck. It lowers down the stress level which is the most common symptoms of thyroid. Dhanurasana massages your thyroid gland and controls the activity of thyroid glands. And by which a required amount of hormones has produced that control the metabolism. Hence, Bow Pose reduce the hypothyroidism symptoms.

Click here for steps & other benefits

Headstand also has a powerful impact in reducing the hypothyroidism. But This Asana needs more attention, daily practice and the supervision of an expert teacher. So, that’s why we uncover the topmost basic Asana for Thyroid.

Pranayama for Thyroid

Ocean Breath or Ujjayi Pranayama

For thyroid disorders, Ujjayi Pranayama is the best option in breathing technique which effectively lowers down the symptoms of hypothyroidism as well as hyperthyroidism. Ujjayi Pranayama mainly works on the throat region. Due to its healing impact, it triggers the thyroid gland. In this the friction of air when contact with throat an ocean like sound will produce. So, it massages your throat and also kicks the general disorders related to the throat. Practice this breathing technique 10 to 11 times but not to perform more than 11. Perform Kapalbhati & Anulom Vilom Pranayama and also Savasana (Corpse Pose).

for steps click here.

Important Notes

  • Even though the above mentioned Yoga Asana and Pranayama are very effective and beneficial, but avoid the practice of these Asana & Pranayama in case of severe thyroid problem, enlarged goiter or in physical weakness.
  • In case of pregnancy or during periods take an advice from a doctor before attempting these Yogic activities. Also, avoid these Poses in severe pain in the abdomen or recent surgery.
  • The truth is treatments and medications of the thyroid are not only costly but it leads to some side effects in your body. On the other hand, Yogic activities will make your body to fight against the thyroid or any problems naturally by increasing the strength of your willpower and body.

(Difficult work is easier and easier work is difficult)


8 proved Health benefits of Green Tea

You are amazed, that one cup of Green tea gives you tremendous health benefits. In this section, we mentioned the top proved health benefits of Green tea. It is a belief that Green Tea is the smartest as well as the easiest liquor to stay healthy. A cup of Green tea is fully packed with antioxidants and many vital nutrients that have fabulous effects on our body (like – increase your immune system, boosts the brain function, burns the extra calories & lower down the risk of death taking Cancer).

Along with these benefits it includes other awesome benefits. Here, you find top proved health benefits of Green Tea which are tested as well as assisted by the researchers. You can also find many supportive studies regarding Green Tea given by scientist or Researchers on the net or through a research paper.  So, take your cup of Green Tea and be with us till the end.proved-Health-benefits-of-Green-Tea Health Benefits of Green Tea

  • Green Tea lowers down the Risk of Parkinson’s & Alzheimer

First, the health benefits of Green Tea are, it protects your brain cells in your old age. As per research & studies consumption of green tea is very beneficial for brain improvement. Thus, Green tea is very effective to lower down the age-related Problems like Alzheimer & Parkinson’s. Green tea is not only improving your brain function, it also guards your brain in old age.

Parkinson’s & Alzheimer are the most common age-related issue, which comes under the category of “Neurodegenerative” disease. Alzheimer is the topmost cause of dementia. On the other hand, Parkinson’s responsible for the death of dopamine (Dopamine is a compound that presents in our body as a neurotransmitter & a precursor of other substances) producing neurons in the brain.

Various studies uncover that in Green tea, there is a compound called Catechin. That has protective effects on neurons. Thus it decreases the risk of Alzheimer & Parkinson’s.

  • Green Tea keeps you Young & charming

As all, we know and it’s a Universal truth that we all are not immortal. One day we all have to die eventually as well as it is unavoidable. Nevertheless, given that the drinkers of green tea lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. It makes sense that it may help you live longer. According to the study, those who drank the green tea (4 to 5 more green) have amazingly stayed fit and healthy than non-drinkers of green tea. Below you can see how much green tea lower down the death cause is given below have a look.

Heart disease20 – 22% lower in men, 30% lower in women.

All causes10 -12 % lower in men, 23% lower in women.

Stroke33 to 35% lower in men, 40 to 42 % lower down in women.

So, you can easily understand that green tea drinkers are live longer than non-drinkers. And it is the second health benefit of Green tea.

  • Protects you from skin Disease

Same like aloe vera & Amla, Green tea also helps to maintain your skin. Green tea carry antioxidants and antioxidants kick out free radicals from the skin and prevent skin related Problems. Green tea slows down the oxidation process by which your skin remains wrinkle-free and Young (rejuvenates). Green tea is the secret to keeping your skin young and glowing for a long time. So it’s a third benefit of Green Tea.

  • Good for Digestion

Having a cup of green tea invigorates your digestive system. Thus general stomach related issues are flushed out. Consumption of Green tea helps to reduce indigestion, constipation, bloating and gas. If your stomach is happy it means you are happy, most people ignore theses general digestive related problems. If you ignore these problems, then in future it will take you to the danger. Most of the diseases are born from the stomach. So if you keep your digestive system healthy then the general issue cannot irritate you.

  • Increase the fat burning process & improves Physical Performance

If you go through the list of any fat burning product, then surely that green tea will be mention on there. The reason behind is, Green tea increases fat burning process and triggers your metabolic rate (According to the research). According to the study & many controlled trails, green tea increased the energy outlay by 4 to 5%. Somehow some studies in term of green tea don’t show any increase in metabolism, thus the benefits of green tea or effects may depend on the individual. But somewhere down the line, it shows tremendous result regarding fat burn. You have tried so many products for fat burning, for once try the Green tea and it does not cost you more bugs than other products.

  • Immune enhancer

It’s a fact if your immune system is not stronger enough then; you got general diseases easily which make you ill. You spend handsome bugs on unwanted general diseases. So, if your immune system is up to the mark then forgets all general disease. Also, you save your harden money and gain a good immune system. An immune enhancer is another health benefits of Green Tea.

  • Green Tea reduces the sugar in the blood

Green tea lowers down the sugar level in the blood. Hence it is good for type 2 diabetes and another vital health benefits of Green tea. Drinking green tea controls the glucose level. And it is effective for improving insulin sensitivity as well as control the high level of sugar in blood naturally.

Type 2 diabetes is reached outbreak proportions in the past few decades. About 400 million people worldwide are diabetic. In this disease, the sugar level goes up in the context of an inability to produce insulin naturally. If we believe in the study, then study uncover that individual who used the greenest tea had a 40% lower risk of type 2 diabetes than non-green tea drinkers. As per review of 6 or 7 studies with a total of 286,700 people (green tea drinkers) had an 18% lower chance of becoming diabetic.

  • Green tea lower down the risk of deadly Cancer

Ya! You heard correct, reducing the risk of cancer is another vital health benefits of green. As we mentioned earlier green tea contains powerful antioxidants which lower the chance of becoming different types of Cancer (Esophageal cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer).

  • Prostate cancerStudy shows that if a man drinks green tea had an of 48% lower risk of developing Prostate cancer than others. Prostate cancer is the most common and life taking cancer in men.
  • Breast cancer – If Prostate cancer is common in men then, Breast cancer is common in women. Many women die all over the world due to breast cancer. As per study women who drank the green tea had a 25 to 30% of the lower risk of breast cancer.

There are various observational studies which show that green tea drinkers are less likely to suffer from different types of cancer. But what we think, there should be more high-quality research is needed to claim these effects. It is important to keep in mind that it may be a bad idea to put milk in your tea because some studies suggest it reduces the antioxidant value.


The content of this website is for educational purpose. And the stats show in the content is according to different studies as well as research on green tea. Don’t pour milk into your green tea because many researchers believe that milk lowers down the antioxidant value of green tea.

Important Points

  • Those people who have a medical history or suffer from diabetes please concern your doctor before drinking green tea.
  • Diabetic patients take ant diabetic medicine which lower the sugar level and green tea also reduce the high sugar level in blood. So, please ask the doctor before consuming green tea.
  • It’s better to make your green tea at home. But if you haven’t enough time then purchase it from the market but careful with the quality.
  • Along with you have to perform Yogic activities like Asana, Pranayama, and the meditation for your good health.

             (Don’t break the trust of others)


Fresh Ways On How To Overcome Anxiety By Yoga

It’s a well-established belief that yoga helps you get relief from mind’s worries and body’s illnesses. But how to overcome anxiety through yoga? This question can befuddle even experts. So, we’ll give you an easy-to-follow guide that is suitable for beginner to experienced yoga practitioner.

In its essence, yoga cures anxiety by soothing your body and preparing your body to handle panic attacks. The yoga science makes your body’s vitals such as blood pressure, mental alertness, breathing rate etc work at optimal levels. This physically readies you for facing anxious situations much more effectively. You build a shield against anxiety over the time.How-To-Overcome-Anxiety-By-Yoga-a-Fresh-Ways

Fresh ways on how to overcome anxiety by yoga

Learn to Confront Anxious Situations

Yoga has a number of unique postures and asanas that challenge your body. One of them could be a handstand. It is nerving to do a handstand initially. But as you learn to do it, you fight back a rather anxiety-inducing situation. By practicing yoga on daily basis, you can try several such postures and learn to confront anxiety.

In the hindsight, you’re teaching your brain to handle anxiety which helps you in real life as well. You gain confidence with each step and it reflects in your personality.

Emphasize on your Thoughts

One fine answer to how to overcome anxiety by yoga is emphasizing on your thoughts. We feel anxious when we have a series of worrying thoughts scathing our mind. Instead of avoiding these thoughts completely, you can learn to observe them.

The calm yoga practice provides a great environment to observe your thoughts. Be conscious of the lines of thoughts that enter your head while you’re doing yoga and try to remember them. This way you’ll know that what thoughts cause anxiety in you and you can choose to discourage them in the future.

Breathing Exercises

Irregular breathing and panting are two common symptoms of anxiety. You can control them by practicing a healthier way to breathe. Breathing regulates the flow of O2 and CO2 in our bodies which have a direct effect on making us feel less or more anxious.

Yoga techniques such as  Kapal Bhati Pranayama and other breathing techniques such as Bhastrika Pranayama are believed to help a lot with controlling your breaths.

By controlling your breathing rate, you can ensure enough oxygen supply into your body, which will demote anxious situations. You can learn to take deep breathes, exhale through your nose and keep it all slow.

Experience Yoga Culture

There are a number of yoga culture clubs around the world, where you can talk about yoga and health issues. Being open and practicing vulnerability is highly benefitting against anxiety. People who are more familiar with the idea of going out and meeting new people of mutual interests faceless anxiety.

If you’re wondering how to overcome anxiety by yoga by just meeting people, it’s quite easy to do so. Practicing yoga in groups gives you a sense of comfort and safety. You can learn from others as well.

Meditation Coupled With Yoga

Meditation brings the much-needed clarity to your mind. While yoga prepares you for facing anxiety, meditation can help you cleanse your mind from anxious thoughts. Experts suggest doing meditation with yoga by slipping into meditative states in your spare time.

You will be able to leave behind anxious thoughts with this simple technique and yoga will further strengthen the belief.

How to overcome anxiety by yoga with Asanas?

Savasana-Corpse-yoga-Pose-Relaxation-PoseHere is a quick list of Asanas that you can try to get faster relief from anxiety.

Janu Shrisasana  – Bending forward with one leg stretched far from the body.

HastapadasanaStanding straight and bending your upper body to touch your knees.

ShavasanaLay down like a dead body in a relaxed position with your stomach facing upwards.

DhanurasanaLaying on your stomach while holding up your ankles to form a ring.

MarjariasanaA cat-like pose where you face the ground with your arms and knees holding you up.


You must have got a number of answers to the question  – How to overcome anxiety by yoga? Interestingly, all of these techniques are really easy to carry out and don’t need you to be an expert. If you’ve never done yoga in your life, you’re equally welcome to try them out and distress.

Anxiety continues to be a part of our life no matter how much we fight it. Yoga provides an effective safe and healthy alternative to medicinal drugs for anxiety. If you’re an anxiety patient, the chances of recovering from it with yoga are quite high.

Please note that while doing the yoga poses, be cautious of doing them right. You can watch instruction videos once before doing them so that you don’t hurt yourself in the process. In the end, the reward is yours to keep – a tension free mind and a rejuvenated body.


Yoga for Kids (Poses and Pranayama)

There are so many articles on Yoga for beginners, Asana for adults, senior citizen or for the particular issue. Then why we forget Yoga for kids. Kids are lovable, Cute as well as innocent. So, this article is dedicated to Kids, in which we mention best handpicked top Yoga for kids (Poses & Pranayama). Now, it’s time to motivate your kids and practice these asanas with them.

Kids are innocent and very cute but somewhere down the line, they get bored easily. Thus it’s hard to engage them towards Yoga Poses & Pranayama, for this, you have to encourage them. Before we uncover the Yoga for kids (Poses & Pranayama) have a look at these important points. These points help you a lot for encouraging Your kids.begineers-Yoga-for-Kids-Poses-and-Pranayama

 How to Encourage Kids for Yoga Poses & Pranayama

Suppose you know all the requisite Asana as well as breathing techniques that are suitable for your loved one. But if he/she doesn’t show their interest towards Yogic activities, then your all efforts go to the smoke. First, you have to motivate and convert their interest towards Yoga. You have to very careful coz kids are getting bored easily. So it’s your responsibility to make their yoga season interesting.

Here are some tips given below, follow these steps for motivating your kids.

  • Practice into the Open

This is the first step, which you have to take. Bring your Yoga practice to an open space like a garden or park. Don’t engage yourself in the meditation in the room. Come out and invite your kids to an open area.

In open space, you can share your yoga experience with your little one.  As per studies, little kids who see their elders or parents practicing Yogic activities are more likely to show their interest by putting up questions. So, be prepare for the question and answer them more wisely, by which they join you.

  • Give some quality time to kiddos

It is the most important part that you spend some quality time with your kiddos. If you don’t have ample time for your little ones. Then it will not do if you really want, that your little one stays healthy and mentally fit. Then you have to keep a specific quality time for your kids. Kiddos need more attention, they look you whatever you did and said. So beware of your behavior, otherwise, in future, your kids are out of control.

  • Be good a storyteller

If you are good at narration, then it will easy for you to encourage your loved one for Yoga Poses & Pranayama. With every Asana narrate an interesting but not boring story. For e.g. while practicing Lion Pose (Simhasana) or cat pose. Just tell them if you perform this Asana you look like Lion or you’ll become more powerful same as the king of the jungle. And your voice is more powerful the same as Lion. Your storytelling will make a magic and you’ll see the change in your kids. Told them that most of Asana is based on the posture of Animals.

  • Challenge And Task

First perform the any Asana then, gently ask your loved one to imitate the same Pose. Or you can say who will perform this Asana better you and me. Definitely, your kids imitate the same Asana with you and accept your challenge. For challenging them, use positive words which encourage them to perform Yoga Poses or Pranayama. If your loved one performs some Yoga Poses & Pranayama, then he/she fell like the task is completed. And this will boost their confidence.

  • Appreciation is must

Applause or appreciate your kids in each and every step. Don’t demoralize them, even if they are failed to perform asana correctly. If he/she or your little one start practicing asana with you in between the Asana steps appreciate them (like good you are doing will come on). Appreciations can create a huge positive difference so don’t ignore this.

  • Awareness

Interact with kids and tell the importance of Yoga & Pranayama and its health benefits. All kids love Super Heroes, so tell them these super Heroes got their power from Yoga & Pranayama. Say to them, If you perform these Yogic activities you’ll boost your physical and mental strength same as your favorite Super Hero. Along with uncovering the actual benefits, like how Yoga Poses & Pranayama benefits you for a long life period. Your appreciation & awareness surely encourage your kids towards Yoga Poses & Pranayama.

  • Reward makes it easy

It’s a simple and universal technique and definitely works for kids. If appreciation & other technique don’t work then believe in Reward. Yes, rewards work if your little one demanding some stuff then set up one condition if you perform this Asana or posture. You stand a chance to get that stuff (favorite candy or chocolates, toys etc). Reward & appreciation not only work for kids, but it also works for adults.

By applying these steps, we are sure that your loved one definitely gets encouraged and follow the routine of Yoga. Now come to special Yoga for kids which are given below.

Yoga for Kids (List of Asana)

  • Padmasana (Lotus Pose)

First, start with simple and easy to do Asana like Lotus Pose. Padmasana prepares your kids for other sitting pose and also helps in meditation. Because Padmasana is one of the best meditations pose. At initial stage don’t force them to perform Padmasana for a long duration.


Lotus pose prepares your kids for further Asana. Padmasana also prepares your child for meditation, which is good for your child. From Padmasana they learn how to focus, bending of knees and comfortable sitting.

For steps & benefits click: Padmasana

  • Tadasana (Palm tree Pose or Mountain Pose)

Tadasana is awesome and simple Pose for children’s. Lifting arms over the head give handsome stretch to arms. And that is a nice thing for a growing child. Tadasana prepares your kids for other arms stretching exercise.


It improves the sense of body balance by balancing their body weight on the toes with hands up. Tadasana stretches the arms and spine and that is great for body growth.

Want to know more click: Tadasana

  • One legged Prayer Pose (Eka Pada Pranamasana)

First, familiarize your children with simple Prayer pose (Namaste Pose) without standing on one leg. And this also the first pose of Surya Namaskar. When they are familiar with Prayer pose, and then ask them to perform the same pose with maintaining the balance on their one leg.


One legged Prayer Pose improves the sense of balance in kids as well as in beginners. They gained some extra confidence from Eka Pada Pranamasana. This pose will shape them for more balancing Asana.

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  • Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby Pose)

Ananda Balasana leads to be more positive, cheerful baby pose. So that’s why it named so. Your kids love this interesting and easy to perform Asana. It is known for its intrinsic capacity to quiet the brain and relax the body.


Ananda Balasana relaxes body and mind. Happy baby Pose opens up the chest as well as shoulders also. It gives gentle massages to the digestive system.

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  • Seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana)

Paschimottanasana is an awesome Asana for growing kids. By this Asana, kids learn the basic of forwarding bending. Also, it will encourage the child towards other forward bend Poses.


It stretches the spine and hamstrings, improves the digestion. Paschimottanasana calms the mind and kicks out depression.

Steps and Benefits: Seated Forward Bend Pose

  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation Pose)

This one Asana is enough for your little one, if they perform only Surya Namaskar then it will good. And they don’t need to perform other Asana if your child performs Surya Namaskar with interest. Surya Namaskar is a complete workout in itself. 12 steps of Surya Namaskar create the magic for your child and you’ll see the positive results.


Best for body growth improves concentration and stretches various body parts. But ask your child to perform the simplest version of Surya Namaskar. Don’t insist on them to perform a difficult variation of the Surya Namaskar at initial practice.

Steps and Benefits: Sun Salutation Pose

Other simple Yoga for kids (Asana)

Above mentioned Yoga Poses are the top Asana for children. But the list is not completed; there is lots of other simple Asana for kids. This is given below:

Choose the most suitable Asana from the above-mentioned list for your child according to their interest. End their Yoga season by Savasana (Corpse) Pose.

Yoga for kids (Pranayama or breathing techniques)

Here are some best Pranayama for kids, read carefully.

  • Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Alternate nostril breathing is the most suitable and easy to perform breathing technique for your kids. As it calms the mind and enhance the memory power and kicks out general diseases. Anulom Vilom will promote a good immune system for the child.

For its steps click: Anulom Vilom Pranayama

  • Udgeeth Pranayama

Chanting the word Om produce positive energy, so Udgeeth is the best way to introduce your child with Mantra. From this breathing technique, they learn how to chants the Mantra in the right way.

Along with Yoga Poses & Pranayama motivate your child to perform meditation. Meditation is also the major part of Yogic activities.

We uncover the top Yoga for kids (Poses & Pranayama) and its benefits, but it’s all up to you to encourage your kids.

Steps and benefits: Udgeeth pranayama

Tips for Parents

  • First, you have to take initiative (first you have to correct your lifestyle); means perform the yogic activities with your child. It will not do if you order them to perform Yoga Poses & Pranayama and you got busy with your work. Involved with them and if you show your interest, then definitely you don’t have to work hard in term of encouraging your child.
  • A kid learns from their parents and the environment too. So, don’t show laziness in front of your child. Be a role model for your child, by whom it follows your advice and implement them correctly.
  • As we said that earlier, please reserve some quality time only for your child. The more you spend time with your kids the more you can understand and observe their behavior. And that is good for your child and also for you.
  • This Yoga for kids (Poses & Pranayama) is easy to perform, but you also perform these Yoga Poses & Pranayama with your kids.

(Kids are raw material whatever so be careful with them)


Amazing Benefits of 1-Day Juice Fast

Have you ever think a glass of juice can detoxify your body and promotes vigor and good health. If you haven’t tried one day juice fast, now it’s time to try some new. Overload of work exhaust your body but have you ever wonder your stomach wants also some rest. Ya!  365 days we never think about our lovely stomach, by trying one day juice fast try some new thing and give some peaceful rest to your digestive system.

One day juice fast has awesome benefits like it give ample calories, along with it reduces the load of your digestive system.

Benefits-of-1-Day-Juice-Fast-yoga-healthAt least try once only for one day or 24hrs, for your health, and challenge yourself to cleanse and repair your organs. One day juice fast has many more health benefits so be with us till the end.

What’s the concept of one day juice fast?

Having on the 1-day juice fast, means you have to survive 24hrs only on juices or water. But Juices must be homemade and from fresh vegetables/fruits or combination of the both. It depends on your choice. Now, you understand the concept of One day juice fast. Generally, you have to consume only juice throughout the day and nothing else.

 The timing of starting and ending one-day juice Fast

Timing plays an important role; you should very punctual regarding your first juice fast. Start your juice fast on appropriate time or an exact time and that’s an important fact. Start your 24hr juice fast in the morning and end your fast next day morning exact 24hrs. In between your fast, keep in your mind no solid food, and liquid products like – milk, coffee, tea or any other liquid substance should not be taken during one day fast.

Scientific facts

In your digestive system, many toxins are produced due to unsystematic food habits or unhealthy food (consuming fatty foods, processed products, taking your meal at opposite time and poor digestion). Doing a juice fast at regular interval of a week or once every week can brush up and enhance your digestive system as well as gives mental calmness, more energy, and vigor to your body. Juice fast kicks out toxins and detoxify your body along with gives you the awesome feeling healthiness. Surviving 24hrs without solid food relaxes your stomach, if your stomach is relaxed and healthy, then surely you gain a healthy fit body. Remember one thing most of the disease is arises from your stomach, and many people ignore this. This leads to a serious problem in their future.

How can you mentally prepare yourself for 1-day juice fast?

Pushing yourself to one-day juice fast needs mental attention. So first step is mental to prepare yourself for your first ever juice fast. But those people who are very much familiar with juice or water fasting don’t need any special guidance. For our beginner’s friends is compulsory to have a proper knowledge of the one day juice fast. Think logically, basically an adult human can live without food for many days. That’s that point, think a one-day juice fast very easy. But those who have a medical history and interested in one day juice fast, then consult your doctor before doing this.

You can go through the web and take a look at the various testimonials from people in term of juice fasts; this will boost your confidence and it’s good for first time user. You can also read articles, books regarding the juice fast benefits. Choose a day that is good for you to start your juice fast. On the day before fast take moderate and easy to digest food. Avoid heavy or too much spicy food on the day before fast.

It’s a good thing, and its benefits my health, think like that in your mind. This will surely mentally prepare you.

Preparation of Juice

For the fresh juice preparation, you need a cold press juicer (cold press juicer or simple hand press juicer). Hand press juicer is the best option. The spinning blades of electric juicer create lots of heat and this can oxidize along with destroying important enzymes/Vitamins present in the juice. Second, choose organic fruits or vegetables for your juice. If you have your own little garden then starts gardening some vegetables and fruits also. Don’t use chemical-based pesticides on these, instead of these use natural insecticides for protecting your vegetables & fruits in the garden/Kitchen garden. Most of the fruits/vegetable that you got from a market are treated with preservatives and also with pesticides. The main thing washes properly vegetables/fruits before making juice in 2 or 2.5% of a saline solution. This solution helps you to remove pesticides that are sticking to the outer skin of the veggies/Fruits.

You can choose grape, tangerine, orange, watermelon, pineapple, guava, strawberries, pomegranate, kiwi, blueberries etc.

In veggies, you’ll go with beetroot, spinach, parsley, celery, kale, tomato, turnip, carrot etc. Or you have another choice, cocktail of veggies or mix fruit it depends on your taste. But choose your own lovable taste for one day juice fast. Consumption of coconut water in between fast will good and healthy for you.

Consuming your Juice during the Fast

It’s important that you have to consume freshly prepared juice. Consume your juice within half an hour of its preparing time. Because most of the juices get oxidized with time and lost its nutritional substances. Take 4 glass of juice at regular interval of the time throughout the day. It would be hard about one liter of juice throughout the day. And it’s not harming you if you take some more amount of juice if you want to drink. One point should be noted, consume plenty of water in the duration of fast or as per your need. You can also dilute your juice with water before taking it. It’s all up to your choice. During the fast, it’s normal that you feel hungry at that time just make a glass of fresh juice and drink it.

How can you break your 1-day juice fast?

When 24 hrs is completed, then break your fast by some orange or lime juice added with honey. Note that; don’t overload your stomach after breaking the fast. Because during the fast no intake of solid food in your stomach, it means you’re your digestive system is less active. You should take easily to digest and light meal like boiled vegetables, fruits, fruit salad or some vegetable soup. Avoid too much spicy & oily food when you break your fast. Next day or day after breaking fast you can take normal food but keep the number of grains is low. Buttermilk, milk, Yogurt can also be taken. Strictly avoid smoking or consumption of Alcohol.

Reaction in the body during one day Juice Fast

There are some specific body reactions which can be noticed easily. Body reactions like dizziness, weakness, lower down of the blood pressure, headache and nausea. If you have seen mild symptoms which were mentioned earlier then, don’t be panic and nothing to fear. These body reactions are normal so not to worry about it.

One day juice benefits

  • Most important benefits are, 24hr juice fast rejuvenates your body and improves your immunity system. Also boosts your confidence.
  • One day juice fast gives tremendous benefits to your stomach & your overall health.
  • Juice contains lots of nutrient with plenty of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes. That is good for your digestive system. One day juice fast cleanses and repairs your digestive system.
  • One day juice fast results you with vigor and more energy.
  • A juice fast can give extra energy and vigor. Along with it helps to remove toxins from your intestine.
  • Naturopathy & Ayurveda used this technique from ancient days from cleansing the body and cure your body of diseases.
  • You can take an enema on the day of breaking your one day fast. It’s kicked out toxins and cleans your intestine.
  • Doing one day juice fast once in a week it helps you to burn excess fat as well as maintains your body weight.
  • The daily adult requirement of calories is around 1600 to 2500 but in 4 glasses of juice gives you hardly 350 to 600 calories. That is a less than the daily requirement of an adult.
  • One day juice fast overcomes your compulsive eating habits.

Important Notes

  • People who meet with recent surgery avoid this. But once you recovered from this you can try one day juice fast.
  • Diabetic patients use green vegetables instead of fruit juice during the fast.
  • People having low BP avoid this, when your BP is normal you can go with one day juice fast.
  • During pregnancy, the fetus demands more calories and extra nutrients. So, pregnant women strictly avoid this.
  • If you are on medication then consult your doctor before doing this.
  • In the condition of chronic disease or injury avoid this.
  • On the day of a juice fast, consume also coconut water or normal water with Juice. Or you can add some water in your juice if you like more diluted juice.
  • Avoid extra activities on that day (lifting weights, long distance running, excessive conversation, heavy work and more travelling).
  • But you can carry on light work or activities for e.g. Computer works, meditationPranayama watching TV, garden work, reading books, shopping.

(Healthy eating pattern gives your healthy body with a more conscious brain)