How Does Meditation Benefit Your Mental Health?

Meditation is not an exercise or an activity, it is a psychological practice that helps us work with nature of mind, nature of human, how to manage emotions and how it affects our body as a whole. It helps to cope with lower self-esteem and put the mind at relaxation state. It also helps maintain Read more about How Does Meditation Benefit Your Mental Health?[…]

What is Naturopathy (Nature Care)

The term naturopathy suggests the healing power of nature. Nature has its own ability to heal. Every human being has a healing energy within, which is responsible for our wellness and also for maintaining good health. Naturopathy involves no-invasive techniques & therapies including traditional healing methods, principles, and practices. Naturopathy avoids methods which merely relieves Read more about What is Naturopathy (Nature Care)[…]

Yoga for Coronary Artery Disease

In this section, we mainly focus on the very common heart disease CAD or Coronary Artery Disease. In our old article we gave an overview of heart disease. Hyper tension, depression, Anxiety is other common causes of CAD.   what is Coronary Artery Disease? Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the most common heart illness. It Read more about Yoga for Coronary Artery Disease[…]

Top 10 Yoga Poses for Computer Users

Computer is very essential need in today’s world. Every sector is relying on Computer for fast working and making correct results. Most of us use Computer for our Official or personal use. People of Every age group use Computer for gaining knowledge, Entertainment and for sending mails to others. But have you ever think, that Read more about Top 10 Yoga Poses for Computer Users[…]

Yoga Can Improve Sleep in Cancer Patients

Sleep disturbance is common among cancer patients. Medical data states that about 50% of cancer patients suffer from insomnia, and this is due to the side effects of chemotherapy. Thankfully, there is an activity that cancer patients can do in order to sleep better at night. A new study that was presented to the American Read more about Yoga Can Improve Sleep in Cancer Patients[…]

Awesome yoga Poses: {Kick out bad habits}

Good habits makes person healthy, smart & intelligent, many time some people got appreciations for their good habits. If you have bad habits like smoking, Drinking (Tea, coffee, Alcohol), late night work, eating lots of calories, most of time engaged with mobile or laptop etc. Then give up these bad habits otherwise it’s too late. Read more about Awesome yoga Poses: {Kick out bad habits}[…]

Yoga Asana And Pranayama for Asthma

The word Asthma is originated from the Greek word “Azein” which means Breath hard. Asthma is a general lung disorder in which burning in the bronchi which swell and narrow the airways along with creating respiration difficulties that may range from mild to life-threatening. In other words, Asthma is a problem that affects your airways Read more about Yoga Asana And Pranayama for Asthma[…]