Why Yoga Teacher Training Best in India

The origin of Yoga is estimated to date back to 400 BC when Patanjali composed a collection of aphorisms on Yoga practice called “YOGA SUTRA”. Maharishi Patanjali was the Father of Ancient Yoga. Hatha yoga is a branch of Yoga that involves physical exercises and postures that are proven to maintain a healthy body coupled with a healthy mind. Needless[…]


How to Become a Yoga Instructor

Becoming a Yoga instructor is involving yourself in a profession that is also one’s passion. Yoga regimes encompass a lot of dedication and effort to the practice. It is a pre-requisite to know that a deep-rooted interest is necessary to become an instructor. Mental preparation is key to everything that is a fresh start. In order to[…]

What is Yoga Teacher Training

The concept of Yoga Teacher Training is not new to the modern Yogic practices. It is the process of transcending from a yoga practitioner to a professional trainer. A lot of people believe that Yoga is just about physical exercises. More than just that, it has a mental and spiritual side to it too. What is Yoga[…]