Health Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is very important for every person. Most of diseases caused due to the improper lifestyle. In this we provided some useful Health Tips regarding healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle means time period between rising to sleep, in simple words it is the daily routine or the way of your living daily life (Dinchariya in Hindi). If Read more about Health Tips for Healthy Lifestyle[…]


Pranayama: The Real source of energy

Pranayama is the technique of dealing with prana – the breath. Before moving to any of the pranayama techniques, let us first understand what prana is. Prana is the total energy present in the universe. It is this prana that we and everything in the universe is composed of. It is the primary force and energy. which is responsible for keeping us alive. It is Read more about Pranayama: The Real source of energy[…]


Yoga: Way of living life

On 21st June, The International yoga day was celebrated worldwide. And it makes India proud because the origin place of yoga is India. But still many people thinks yoga is just a physical exercise, and many people do yoga for physical fitness, but yoga beneficial in both physically and mentally.People have different- different views regarding yoga. Read more about Yoga: Way of living life[…]